Pretty Things List #23

Hello my darlings!

I’ve been very busy lately with hospital appointments, a festival, and now travel away for uni, but I wanted to put up a Pretty Things List for you before I went away to Rockhampton.

So here it is: a Pretty Things List focused on rock and roll!

The first thing I want to show you is something I just bought for myself: a rock and roll themed dress from Bernie Dexter.

I bought this gorgeous patterned dress in the “Paris” cut from Zulilly (first picture below), but you can also find it in the “Kelly” cut for sale online (second picture).  With a black silhouette border print, and an all over colourful print of rock idols, the Rockabilly Idol print is so much fun.  You can pick it up in the Kelly cut from the Bernie Dexter website in sizes XS-4XL for US$168, or in sizes S – 2XL from Australian website Cassablanca for AU$195.




For jewellery fans, Erstwilder has a range of rock and roll themed items.  I particularly like the record brooch and earrings and the swing dancing couple (available in two colourways).  The brooches are AU$34.95 each and the earrings are AU$29.95.  All are available from Erstwilder’s website.


If you’re a fan of dancing in your circle skirts but not a fan of flashing your knickers, Aussie retailer Rock and Roll Dress has Malco Modes brand ruffled pettipants available in a range of colours and sizes for just AU$30 each.  Great for dancers and for windy days, these top quality pettipants are made in the USA and fit waists from 20 to 48 inches.


Petticoats are a major feature in the rock and roll look, and you can buy very soft single and double layer petticoats in a range of colours from Aussie retailer Your One Stop Pinup Shop.  At US$99 for double layered and US$59 for single layered, they’re a pretty affordable way to add to your petticoat collection and bring your outfits up a notch.  They fit 26-40 inch waists, though keep in mind you’ll need to be able to wiggle them up over your thighs, so if you’re big thighed like me they can be a little tight to get in to.


Finally, Pinup Girl Clothing has a cool music border print Jenny skirt and dress available in a range of sizes from XS to 4XL.  At US$98 for the skirt (~AU$128.60) and US$142 (~AU$186) for the dress, these are good quality items with a full bodied gathered skirt.

The multicoloured border print means you can match the skirt with tops of various colours.



Are you a fan of rock and roll themed items?  Have you ever tried learning any sort of rock and roll or swing dancing?





About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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2 Responses to Pretty Things List #23

  1. I love the Pug music skirt and dress, I’ve been eyeing of that print for a while now! 🙂


  2. Love that Bernie Dexter dress and can’t wait to see it on you. I hope you picked up or will pick up the Erstwilder record brooch and earrings to go with it! I really adore that PUG music border print Jenny. The illustrations on the dress are by Stephanie Buscema and I really love her work. She also did the mermaid border and the Alice border on the Lydia dress. So glad to see this one on a Jenny though rather than on a Lydia like the other two. ❤


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