Item Review: Napoleon Perdis Peep Show Madame Curl Curl Mascara

Phew, what a mouthful!


Bare lashes

I picked up this full size mascara by Aussie makeup icon Napoleon Perdis last month at a Terry White chemist in Hervey Bay.  Until recently, I’ve been using a miniature size Napolean Perdis mascara that I’ve been happy with.  As it’s just run out, however, I’ve finally had the chance to open up my new mascara and try it out for you.



The Madame Curl Curl mascara is, as the name would suggest, marketed as a curling mascara.  The brush is spoon shaped to facilitate this.  I applied the mascara to naked, un-curled lashes, as is my usual practice (I can’t be bothered curling my lashes very often).  I’d already applied my foundation and the rest of my eye makeup, so you can see the difference between my mostly and fully made-up eye area as the mascara was applied.


At 10ml, this is a full sized mascara tube and retails for AU$39, making it at the lower-range of price for a “luxury” brand – much cheaper than brands such as Helena Rubenstein or Elizabeth Arden, but about ten dollars more per tube than brands such as Max Factor or L’Oreal.  I was fortunate enough to get my tube on sale for $16.


Mascara applied on one eye, upper lashes only


Mascara on both eyes, upper lashes only- silly facial expression optional

The formulation was pleasant, going on easily and smoothly.  The initial colour payoff was great, with my lashes going inky dark with a single application.  They also immediately appeared longer without being spidery.


I’d agree with the marketing – this mascara did help curl my lashes noticeably, and I’m very happy with this mascara over all.


You can purchase Napoleon Perdis products from Terry White Chemists and some Target stores in Australia, or purchase directly from the website.

Any questions about this or any other products I’m wearing in these photos?  Drop me a comment!


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