Item Review: Max Factor Marilyn Collection Lipstick in Marilyn Ruby Red

I was in Big W yesterday when I noticed that they were on the last day of their 40% off cosmetics sale.  Naturally, I just had to have a look!


I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular, but I can never go past a new red lipstick, so when I saw the new display for Max Factor’s “Marilyn” collection, I was instantly taken in!


The collection features four lipsticks –

  • Marilyn Berry Red for cool tones
  • Marilyn Sunset Red for warm tones
  • Marilyn Cabernet Red for darker tones
  • Marilyn Ruby Red for the iconic red.

I had a look at the others, but the one that really drew me in was the slightly pinkish blue-based red called shade 1 “Marilyn Ruby Red”.  This was the colour most similar to that we usually associate with Marilyn Monroe’s classic look, and it was definitely the one that appealed to me and my preferred shades of red lippy.

The tube was an attractive red square, with the labelling on the side and base picked out in gold text.


The formulation differs from my usual red lipsticks in that, while I normally go for matte formulas, this is more of a satin finish.  However, it went on smoothly and easily and I was impressed by the ease of application.



The colour depth from a single layer was not as rich as I’m used to (since I normally wear more pigmented, matte formulas), but the colour was easily built up to a very attractive red.  I’d call this an every so slightly-pinkish-berry take on a red, rather than a real blue-based red, but it’s still a very nice colour.


I applied the lipstick without any lip liner for these photos, to give you the truest impression of the colour on my bare lips.


The lipstick wore well throughout the day, with no noticeable bleeding around the edges.  It did need reapplying after eating, but that’s to be expected with a satin formulation and no lip liner.  The colour remained strong other than the eating-related wear with no real fading.


You can buy the Marilyn Collection lipsticks for AU$20.95 each from Big W, or from other Max Factor stockists such as Priceline and Target.

Any questions about this lipstick or any of the other products I’m wearing here?  Drop me a comment!


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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2 Responses to Item Review: Max Factor Marilyn Collection Lipstick in Marilyn Ruby Red

  1. Lovely shade of red on you! 🙂


  2. I have the Sunset Red and I love the color, but I don’t find it very lasting. After drinking or eating, I have to reapply and like you said, it isn’t very pigmented so I had to apply multiple layers (with transparent powder). Eventually I wore my Estee Lauder lipstick underneath, blotted it and then applied this one to get the perfect color, but not have it fade away too fast 🙂


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