How To: Heat Curling Your Hair With A Curling Wand

You don’t always have the time or the patience to do a wet set on your hair.  Sometimes – maybe because you’ve just finished work, or maybe because you were too tired the night before – you need to use heat to curl your hair instead.  This is a pictorial “how to” showing how I took my hair from natural to curled and styled in 45 minutes (which included doing most of my makeup).

  • Step One: Brush or comb your hair thoroughly to remove any knots, then lightly spray your hair with a heat protection spray.  Have your one-inch curling iron switched on and heating up while you do this.
  • Step Two: Starting at the front of your head, take a section of hair about an inch wide and no more than a third of an inch thick.



  • Step Three: With the clip on top of your hair, slide the wand to the ends of your hair and clip.  Roll the wand under so that your hair curls under for a 50s look.



  • Step Four: Hold the wand in place until the outside of the hair is quite warm to the touch.  Using your fingernails or a thermal-gloved hand, slide the roll of hair off the wand as you hold open the clip.
  • Step Five: Put your wand down on your heat proof mat or stand, and use a pincurl clip or bobby pin to secure the roll of hair to your scalp.  By allowing the curl to cool in place, it helps to set your curls a lot better.


  • Step Six: Continue down the front of your head, pinning each curl into place to cool as you go.
  • Step Seven: Begin curling the hair at the back of your head, from top to bottom, pinning each curl to cool as you go.  To do my entire head of thick hair takes about 25 minutes.



  • Step Eight:  While your hair cools, do your makeup and, if you will be wearing something that needs to be pulled on over your head, get dressed.  Ten to fifteen minutes is long enough for the last of the curls to cool.
  • Step Nine: Lightly mist your head with hairspray.  Begin unpinning your curls, starting at the nape of your neck and working upwards.  For the moment, leave the front top curls in place (the ones that will form your fringe or bangs area).



  • Step Ten: With a little pomade on your fingers, run your hands gently through your curls.
  • Step Eleven: Using a brush (I prefer a natural hair brush for this step) gently brush your hair against your hand, shaping it with the brush until you are happy with the look.


  • Step Twelve: Unpin the front curls and brush them together, adding a little pomade with your fingers if you need.  Place them how you wish for them to sit.  Lightly mist with hairspray.


  • Step Thirteen: Sit back and admire your beautiful style!




About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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3 Responses to How To: Heat Curling Your Hair With A Curling Wand

  1. This has to be the best guide to heat curling I’ve read so far! It’s simple and maybe even I can actually manage to curl my hair, although I’ve got so much hair that it’s problematic curling all of it (takes like 2+ hours). Now I just need to buy some pomade so my hair won’t go all frizzy while brushing through it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Vera Gin says:

      Oh, thanks for your kind words! I figured it might be one of those things that people just assume other people know 🙂 Let me know how you go with your curling adventures!


  2. Great guide! Love how your hair turned out!


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