This Week in my Life: 4-10 April 2016

This week has had a mixture of good and bad news, during which:

  • I found out that I didn’t get the job for which I applied

I was very disappointed to be informed this week that the job I recently applied for went to somebody else, but I have to take my comfort from the fact that I tried my best.  Hopefully another good job opportunity will come my way one day soon.


  • I was informed that I am a finalist in the Pinup Doll Australia pageant

About a week ago, I submitted a video application for Pinup Doll Australia, a national pinup pageant.  I found out this week that, by unanimous decision of the judges, I’m through to the finals!  I’m competing as Vera Vamp and will be going to Chromefest in NSW in October for the finals.  Now I just to to decide for certain on my act for the “talent” part of the competition, and work out what to wear!



  • I went for a drive to Hervey Bay with my family

On Saturday, my parents, brother and I went for a drive to Hervey Bay for a day of shopping and looking about.  We had lunch overlooking the water and mum and I found some nice things to buy.



  • I got my foot x-rayed

The Christmas before lunch, I was walking barefoot along a footpath at the local beach when I accidentally kicked the raised edge of a concrete slab.  What I didn’t realise until I finally saw a doctor two or three weeks later was that I’d broken two toes and a metatarsal (the long bones in the top of your foot).  Because I walked around on my broken foot for so long without treatment, it didn’t heal particularly well.  Now, almost a year and a half later, I still have very regular pain and stiffness in my foot.  So this week, my doctor sent me off for an x-ray to confirm what’s wrong with my foot.  I get the results this week and will report back next Sunday.


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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4 Responses to This Week in my Life: 4-10 April 2016

  1. I’m sad to hear you didn’t get the job you applied for. I’m soon going to face the same situation since the job I ‘ve been doing for last 5 and a half months will be out for open and I need to compete with probably much more competent applicants. I’ve been working as a stand-in, but now the person who has been away will probably resign and the law says they’ll need to put out the job for everyone to apply. Sure, I know my way around my workplace and do my job well, but the fact is that there are other people who have more experience than me and education better suited for my job. So I have this terrible feeling I’ll soon be unemployed as well :/


  2. Yay!! For getting into Pinup Doll Australia! 🙂

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