Eyeliner Cosmetic Tattooing – Part 2 Healing and Results

In Part 1 I took you through the preparation and procedure of getting eyeliner cosmetically tattooed.  This Part 2 is a review of the first week of healing from having semi-permanent makeup done.  Part 3 will be a review of the touch-up appointment at the 4-6 week mark.

The slight swelling of my lids was visible the first night (Wednesday – the day of the procedure) before bed – I looked like I’d been crying:

The next day, the swelling had mostly dissipated.

My Friday morning, I still felt a slight grittiness if I squeezed my eyes tightly shut, as if I had sleep sand in the outer corner of my eyes.  I also noticed the light scabbing on the lower lash line.  I also noticed that the crust of ink on the lower lash line was starting to crack:

When I got dressed after work on the Friday, I didn’t wear any eye makeup.  This was in accordance with the aftercare info I’d received. The eyeliner-specific aftercare instructions were:

  • When going into the sun wear sunglasses, as exposure to the sun can cause fading and colour change over time
  • No soap or cleansers on the treated area for one day. Wash the area with cool water only.
  • No products containing AHAs or Vitamins A or C to be applied to the tattoo
  • Allow the area to be moist as it heals to minimise scabbing
  • Cold compress may be applied for up to ten minutes to relieve any pain
  • Unlike eyebrows and lips, eyeliner does not require bepanthen cream.
  • No mascara or eye makeup for seven days.
  • Use a new mascara when resuming makeup wear.

I didn’t feel the need to use a cold compress, and my only concern was that I had some scabbing of the lower lash line.  On Friday afternoon, I decided to press wet cotton wool pads against my eyes several times a day to soften the scabs.

I’d picked up a new mascara while in Brisbane, so that wasn’t a problem.

Looking at my upper lash line as it healed, I felt that it may need thickening slightly at my touch-up appointment to achieve the final look I wanted.  I was happy to note, however, that because the upper line had been worked right into my lash line, it already had the effect of making my lashes look thicker and darker, and my eyes more defined.

On Sunday night after my shower, the ink crust of the lower lash line had finally fallen off.  To my disappointment, almost no line was visible – it seemed as though my lower lash line had failed to accept the colour.  I determined to let the practitioners know and ask about getting the line re-done when they thickened my upper lash line at my touch-up appointment in April.



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