This Week in my Life: 22-28 February 2016

It’s been a very busy week this week, during which:

  • I got my eyeliner tattooed

My upper and lower lash lines are now the proud bearers of semi permanent makeup.  The whole process took about an hour and a half and the pain level was very minimal, with some discomfort only once during the procedure.  I’m now in the healing phase and I will be going back for a touch-up appointment in four to six weeks’ time.


  • I spent time in Brisbane with my mum and aunties

Mum and I stayed with an aunty while in Brisbane, and another aunty and a cousin koined us for a shopping trip on one of the days we were down there.  It was nice catching up with family.

  • I bought a heap of new goodies to review

Mum and I took the opportunity of being in Brissie to do some looking in different shops to the ones we have at home.  I bought a little gift pack of products while in David Jones department store, was given a Natio gift pack by a lovely lady working in the cosmetics area, and bought a few other bits and pieces at various stores around the city.

  • I organised my dress for my cousin’s wedding

An awesome pinup friend of mine, Miss Ally Kat, recently decided to clear out her closet.  She let me know that one of the dresses she was selling was one I’d admired and longed for for ages: the Pinup Girl Clothing “Sea Siren” dress in turquoise.  I’ll be paying for it in installments over the next few weeks and I really hope it fits well!

th (11)

  • My anxiety decided to stop me from attending a friend’s BBQ

Unfortunately, my mental health is an ongoing battle that I have to fight day in, day out.  This Saturday, I was invited to a BBQ with friends.  I really wanted to go, but my anxiety made that impossible, to my disappointment.  I’m just trying to tell myself that I lost a single battle but will “win the war”.


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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4 Responses to This Week in my Life: 22-28 February 2016

  1. Looking forward to seeing outfit posts of you in that sea siren dress! 🙂 When’s your cousin wedding?

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  2. Love that siren dress! I’m looking forward to seeing pics of you in it! I have long admired the purple and pink colorway in that print… I missed the boat on it but oh so lovely it was! Sorry to hear about the bbq. That’s definitely a good way to think on it though… that you lost the battle but will win the war! ❤

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    • Vera Gin says:

      Thanks for your kind comments. Yes, I missed out on all the Hawaiian dresses first time around, so I’m glad I was able to snag this one from a friend! And I’ll keep fighting the mental health war 🙂


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