This Week in my Life: 8-14 February 2016

It’s been a long week that somehow still felt like it went by quickly.  Here’s what’s happened:

  • I had some great mail days

I love the spark of excitement that comes with seeing a parcel left at the door by the postie.  This week, two new-to-me secondhand Pinup Girl Clothing dresses arrived (the tiger print sarong dress and the purple floral dress); a necklace arrived from Voodoo Betty; a pair of earrings and a brooch arrived from Glamourlite; and a pair of saddle shoes arrived from Bamboo via Zulilly.  Super happy me!  Everything fit fine, and I have been busy taking photos to review the jewellery items.


  • I got some positive feedback from work clients

For those of you who don’t know, my current casual job is super-unglamourous: I work as a cleaner, doing some bond cleans but mostly domestic week-to-week cleaning at people’s houses.  This week I got some really nice positive feedback from two new clients, which made me very happy.  Even when your job is cleaning people’s loos, it’s nice to hear that you’re a pleasant worker who does a good job!

  • I went shopping with my grandma

My grandad is currently in hospital, so today I took my grandma up to visit him.  When I was taking her home, we stopped at Spotlight (a big Aussie fabric/craft shop chain) and looked at fabrics, patterns and craft items.  My grandma enjoyed the chance to get out of the house and shop another person, and it was a nice afternoon spent with her.

  • I helped out at my city’s Chinese New Year celebrations

The youth group I volunteer with sometimes got called in at the last minute to run some children’s activities and games at the Chinese New Year celebrations in the main street, which was closed off for the afternoon.  Despite drizzling rain that wouldn’t go away, the children and parents all said it was a fun and positive afternoon, which was lovely to hear.  The youth members who volunteered to help all did a great job, too.  And this sort of event is great positive publicity for our organisation – it lets people see the children, teenagers and young adults of the organisation doing positive things in the community.

  • I found out I’m a finalist in the Time Warp Festival pinup pageant

I was pretty chuffed to get a Facebook message letting me know I was one of ten finalists chosen to compete at the second annual Time Warp Festival in their pinup pageant parade.  Time  Warp likes to choose girls of a range of styles and ages who have a unique personality or background, and I’m really looking to meeting the other ladies on the day.  I’ll post about my pageant preparations closer to the April date.



What interesting mail have you received lately?  Are you attending any festivals this year?


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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4 Responses to This Week in my Life: 8-14 February 2016

  1. Polly says:

    My most interesting mail this week would have to be the letter from a friend telling me about her new beau.


  2. I’m so pleased you made it into the pinup comp! Yay for you girl! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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