Item Review: Voodoo Betty “Lady Luck” Necklace


Newly arrived in my mail box this week is the “Lady Luck” cherries necklace from Voodoo Betty.  Carefully wrapped in tissue paper, this stylish item was safe from the effects of Australia Post!


The Lady Luck necklace is a handmade perspex piece on a sturdy brass chain, with “Lady Luck” engraved on the leaves.  The perspex is layered, with bright glittery cherries contrasted against the green leaves and stems.  The whole thing measures 7 by 7.5cm.



The chain is an excellent length for the piece to lay against your upper chest.  Keep in mind that the chain length is non-adjustable, so if you need a necklace that’s shorter or longer, send in a request for a custom piece.



Due to its size and bright colouring, this is a great focus piece for your outfit.  As you can see, I paired it with the bright and bold Deadly Dames sarong dress in tiger print, yet the necklace is not lost in the outfit.


As cherries are a classic pinup motif, this is a necklace that you can pair with many styles of retro clothing, from sweet and girly to tough and worldly.


The Lady Luck necklace currently retails for AU$36.90 plus postage, and Voodoo Betty ships worldwide from the UK.  You can purchase this necklace, and other cool acrylic goodies, from Voodoo Betty’s Boutique on Etsy.




About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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  1. Oh I love cherries, so so cute!

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