Seller Review: Birdee & Star


Birdee & Star is the business of owner/operator Shannan, a work-at-home-mum from Brisbane, Queensland.  Shannan is completely self taught in her crafts, and she is heavily influenced by retro, vintage and bohemian styles.


Shannan actually designs and creates her own moulds for most of her resin items, which is fantastic as it means you’re getting something that is unique to Shannan’s shop, not a mass produced design.  She also uses vegan friendly materials wherever possible.


Some of Birdee & Star’s designs

A crystal enthusiast, Shannan also creates Dreamcatchers!  All of her items are handmade and hand finished, right here in Queensland.


As a pinup girl, it’s Birdee & Star’s beautiful brooches, earrings and hair clips that really interest me.  Made using resin, pigments, and glitter or gold foil, most of these items are priced from AU$15 to AU$20, with earring-and-brooch sets priced at AU$35.


You can contact Shannan using the “Contact shop owner” button on her shop page.  Shannan responds quickly to messages and is happy to work with customers on custom items wherever possible.

birdee and star.GIF

Shipping is calculated at your cart and is very reasonably priced.

Overall, Birdee & Star is a great little Queensland business worthy of your support, with a helpful owner/artist and quirky, unique designs that catch the eye.


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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