Item Review: Hair Flower from Gwynnies

Recently I was fortunate enough to receive the Nala hair flower as a gift from Aussie retailer Gwynnies for review.

Firstly, thank sooooo much (not!) to whichever postal worker put something heavy on top of my parcel – you’re a poo-face.  Luckily, Gwynnies packages their hair flowers in a cute little box.  Although the box got crushed out of shape, it managed to entirely protect the floral piece inside, saving me from having to cry!


As you can see, the box comes wrapped in matching ribbon, with a thank you card attached, and the flower nestled in pink tissue paper.  And while packaging is secondary to the item inside, it’s nice to feel like a cared for customer who is valued enough to go to the trouble of  having your purchase packaged nicely.



When I opened up the sadly crushed polka dot box, I was greeted with the prettiest, girliest hair flower I’ve seen in a long time.  Entirely in shades of pink, the Nala floral hair piece is perfect to pair with any floral dress you might happen to have, as well as block coloured clothing for a pop of pretty.  I first wore it paired with my Lady Vintage London blue-based floral dress, and it matched in really well.


The piece is backed by sturdy felt and attached to a durable and perfectly sized alligator clip.  It’s terribly annoying to purchase a nice hair piece and find that they’ve cheaped out and used a flimsy clip that wobbles and slides out of your hair, but rest assured that you won’t find that with Gwynnies.


A nice touch from Gwynnies is that you’ll find a business card under the clip with a code for a discount on particular stock – mine is for 10% off Erstwilder.  I’m not sure whether this is their standard voucher card or whether they have other ones too, but I like it!


I was also happy to see that the flowers used don’t have that cheap plasticky look to them that you sometimes get with inferior hair clips.  Nor were there big blobs and strands of hot glue ruining the look of the piece – it has been neatly and tidily made.


At AU$19, the Nala is an affordable item that you will no doubt get a lot of wear out of.  Gwynnies currently carries a range of 27 different hair flowers of their own design, with different types of flowers in a variety of colours, so you should be able to find one that suits your taste.


As always, this has been an honest review – while the item was gifted to me, my opinion and thoughts are genuine 🙂



About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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One Response to Item Review: Hair Flower from Gwynnies

  1. Bloody Australia post, oh wow least the hair-flower was still in perfect condition! 🙂


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