Item Review: Orchard Corset Leather CS-426 Short

I used to wear corsets all the time.

When I lived in the UK, I’d wear them over my clothes or under my clothes at least three or four days a week.  But back home, my style has changed – and so has the ambient temperature!  In hot, humid subtropical Queensland, corsets aren’t as comfy as they were in England.

But I still like corsets, and the one I’ve bought most recently, from Orchard Corset, is just lovely.


The CS-426 Short underbust corset is specifically designed for girls who are short, especially those short in the torso (like me).  Unlike one-length-fits-all corsets that may be uncomfortable for the shorter girl to wear and sit down in, the CS-426 has a 10.5″ front centre length, a 11.75″ back length, and a 10.25″ side length.  This makes it suitable for ladies of my sort of height (5’2″/158cm).



This is a beautifully made steel boned corset that gives proper support and waist reduction.  With 24 flat and spiral steel bones, a steel front busk, modesty panel and waist tape reinforcement, it is suitable for reducing your waist by 2 – 4 inches (or up to 7 inches, if you are an experienced corset wearer, or up to 10 inches, if you are plus sized with a nice squishy middle).



It also has six concealed garter tabs that allow you to add garters and wear proper stockings, should you choose to do so.  The great thing about the way the tabs are attached is that they don’t show below the corset, so if not in use, they don’t hang out the bottom and ruin the look of your corset.


Concealed garter tabs are useful and discreet


Made of lambskin leather with a 100% cotton lining, this is a corset that will last a lifetime with proper use and care, which is good for the wallet and the environment (one leather corset has a far lesser negative impact on the environment than a corset made from plastic-based fabrics such as polyurathane, or PVC, especially since artificial fabrics tend to need regular replacing due to faster wear and tear).


I’m wearing a 30″ corset, which is about 6 to 7 inches smaller than my natural waist size at the moment.  Orchard corset recommend that smaller women purchase corsets about 5 to 7 inches smaller than their natural waist, while plus sized girls can go for a corset about 7-10 inches smaller than their natural waist.  As you can see, the modesty panel on my corset doesn’t quite cover my back, but I’m currently in the slow process of losing weight, so I expect that to change over the coming months.  You can always tuck the modesty panel under and leave your back exposed beneath the laces if you prefer that look.


Orchard Corset also sell garters and interchangeable laces for your corset.  I bought red cord lacing and purple ribbon lacing with which to swap out the black laces that the corset came with, for versatility of style.

The CS-426 Short is available in sizes 18″ to 32″ in standard, and 24″ to 40″ in plus sizes.  This means they can accommodate ladies with natural waist sizes from about 23″ to about 50″.  The CS-426 is US$89, which is approximately AU$128 at current rates.


I highly recommend Orchard Corset as an affordable and quality company, especially if you are just starting to get into wearing real steel boned corsets.  Their range and helpful service means you’ll be sure to find a corset that suits you.


Do you wear corsets?  Do you have a favourite?  Do you prefer underbust or overbust styles?



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A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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2 Responses to Item Review: Orchard Corset Leather CS-426 Short

  1. Polly says:

    I’ve never worn one, but it does look retty cool. Loved your comment about being able to reduce your waist by 10 inches ‘if you have a lovely squishy middle.’!

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