Learning to Sew: My First Skirt

A while ago I posted about buying patterns in order to begin to learn to sew. About two weeks ago, I made my first ever item – a tropical circle skirt, complete with four pleats, zipper and wide waistband.


The finished item

I used a lightweight rayon fabric for summer, because I planned to give the skirt shape and volume by wearing a petticoat underneath it, as I have in this picture.

The process involved first choosing a pattern that would give the final item I wanted, and buying the pattern in the correct size range.  I also had to choose an appropriate type of fabric for that particular pattern, and buy the correct amount of fabric as determined by the chart on the back of the pattern packet.  I also had to buy any “notions” (zips, thread, hook and eyes etc) needed.

Traveler Z 14

Then, I roughly cut out the pattern pieces I needed (pattern packets often have several different items included in a single pattern, such as two or three varieties of the same skirt or dress) and lay out the fabric on a large table.  I had to make sure I pinned the pattern to the fabric correctly, paying attention to the grain line (the direction of weave of the fabric).

After pinning the pattern pieces in place, I carefully cut out the fabric.  I then cut any notches and marked any marking points needed, as informed by the markings on the pattern piece.


Then it was time to start sewing!  Following the instructions included in the pattern packet, I used my new Christmas present sewing machine to start stitching the pieces together – hopefully correctly!


I asked for mum’s guidance throughout this first sewing project, as she is an accomplished seamstress.  My cat also tried to help!


Several afternoon sewing sessions later, I had an almost completed skirt!  I tried it on to make sure it fit, then hung it up for a few days to let the bias of the fabric stretch and settle.


The final step was to hem the skirt , hand sew the hook and eyes in place, and wear it with pride!




About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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