Item Review: Aldi’s Lacura Beauty “Define” Contour Palette

I’ve always steered away from contouring – it seemed like an unnecessary additional step in my makeup routine, and I was worried that the contouring shades would make my complexion muddy, as bronzers often do.

But the week before last, when I was in Aldi doing my grocery shopping, I saw a neat little contouring compact for sale for just AU$7, and decided it was worth giving it a try since I’ve always really liked Aldi’s makeup lines in the past.2015-12-28 12.13.04.jpg

Called “Define”, the contouring palette consists of a black plastic palette with a large mirror in the lid (big enough to actually see how the product looks in the context of your whole face), a brush, two highlighting powders, a contouring powder, and a bronzer (each powder weights 2.5g).


The back of the cardboard packet gives visual and written instructions as to where to apply each of the powders for best effect.  I wish that these instructions were printed on the back of the palette itself for future reference, as I don’t like having to keep the cardboard packet cluttering up my duchess, but I guess they figure you can remember the directions after a short while.


I used the enclosed small brush to apply the highlighter, and I used an ecotools brush to apply the contouring powder.  I also used an ecotools brush to blend the powders a bit after application.  It would have been nice to get two brushes in the palette (one to use for the darker contouring and bronzer powders, and one to use with the highlighters, so the palette could be thrown in your bag as a self contained package of everything you needed) but since I usually put my makeup on at home, with east access to spare brushes, it’s not a big issue.


I chose not to use the bronzer, applying my usual blush (Bourjois Blush in 95 Rose De Jaspe) instead.  This was because I’m quite pale and bronzers usually turn out muddy on my skin, but I’ll give the bronzer powder a go next time to see if it works ok for my complexion – I might be pleasantly surprised.


Speaking of pleasant surprises, I was happy to see that the contouring shade was natural and appropriate for my skintone and didn’t go on as an orange or overly dark streak – instead, it provided contrast without being obvious, which is great as that’s what you want from contouring!


When it came to highlighting, I used the pink toned highlighter because my skin has natural pink undertones.  Next time I’ll try the cream coloured highlighter to see how it looks on me.


Overall, I was very pleased by how natural the products looked on my skin, and by how easy they were to apply and blend, with no streakiness, orangeness or unnatural lines.  For AU$7 this was a great buy, as the powders are soft and silky and not too pigmented.  If you have pale to medium toned skin, this is likely to suit you well.  I definitely recommend the Define palette and I’ll probably add this step to my daily routine most of the time, since so little time and blending is required.



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A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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