This Week in my Life…30 November – 6 December 2015

This week has gone by rather quickly and it seems that we’re now hurtling toward Christmas.  This week…

  • I went to a Christmas break-up dinner with my mum for her work

Which was no easy feat, with my anxiety liable to make me freak out at any minute.  Luckily, I had a fairly calm day leading up to the dinner, and with my mum’s support I made it through without any problems 🙂

  • I took a break from trying to lose weight

For those of you who are unaware, I’m on a mission to lose a serious number of kilograms and have already lost about 4kg.  I’m hoping to lose about another 20kg and drop a dress size or two.  This week I’ve had a terrible head cold, all week, and so I decided to take a break from trying to actively lose weight this week in order to give my body the chance to recover first.  I’ll be back to counting calories on Monday!

  • I printed out some photos from the photo shoot I did with my pinup friend Miss Milla Cherry on Sunday last week

The day went really well and I think we both had fun.  Importantly, the photos turned out really well!  We took heaps (the benefits of digital cameras) and now I have to go through and decide which ones to use for blog posts.  But I’ve printed out some favourite pics to add to my physical photo album.


  • I paid off a second-hand Pinup Girl Clothing dress that I’ve wanted for over two years and which I found for sale on Facebook

You know that feeling, where you really want something, and by the time you go to buy it, it’s gone forever?  That’s how I felt with this particular dress – a military styled wiggle dress – from Pinup Girl Clothing.  It was for sale on the website when I first started getting into pinup clothes about two years ago, but by the time I had the money for it, they’d stopped producing it.  This week, for the first time ever, I saw it advertised for sale second-hand…and in my size!  The lovely owner was good enough to let me pay for it over the duration of two pay days, so I’ve just finished paying for it.  Can’t wait for it to arrive – hurry up, postie!

th (3).jpg

  • I’m in love with the fruit selection available in my town at the moment

Some of it, such as the baby pineapple and the watermelon I bought today, is local.  Other items are from the Darling Downs region of Queensland, such as the stone fruit.  All of it is freaking delicious.  Pineapples, nectarines, peaches, cherries, apricots, watermelon…..mmmmmmmm.  I love fruit and I can’t get enough of it!  Maybe that’s why I love fruit motif prints and accessories so much.

2015-12-05 15.40.58.jpg

  • I went to a 1920s themed celebration of one of my town’s prominent past citizens, a famous aviator

Today (Saturday) a small celebration was held by the local Council to mark the birthday of a famous Australian aviator born in my town.  Everyone dressed in their best 1920s outfit (the decade he made his most famous record-breaking flights) and we had sponge cake (made to a historic recipe) at the Botanical Gardens where his house is preserved.  I didn’t stick around for long, but it was a nice morning and I enjoyed hearing the period blues and jazz played by a local band and a three-piece vocal group.

December 5

  • I’m going for my first swim of the summer tomorrow at beautiful Woodgate Beach

The last two weeks, whenever I’ve been at work (hot, soaked with sweat, grimy) I’ve been daydreaming about swimming in the cool ocean.  Tomorrow I finally get my chance, because my family and I are going to Woodgate Beach for a swim.  It’s one of the most beautiful, pristine beaches I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to float in the cool, clear water.


What did you get up to this week?



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