Red Lips – a Comparative Review

I love wearing bright lipsticks – pinks, magentas, roses and purples.  But the classic colour I always come back to is red.  I enjoy the contrast between red lips, pale skin, blue eyes and blonde hair.

Today I’m going to show you the latest reds to join my lipstick collection, in the hope that it will help you narrow down your own search for the perfect red colour and formulation.

The four lips colours I’m reviewing today are (left to right):




  • Covergirl “Star Wars” limited edition Colorlicious lipstick in shade 30 (RRP AU$16.95)
  • Rimmel Colour Rush lip crayon in red (RRP AU$12.95)
  • Max Factor Colour Intensifying Lip Balm in Classy Cherry (RRP AU$17.95)
  • Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hr Lipstick in Ravishing Rouge (RRP AU$19.95)

2015-11-28 16.21.25.jpg

All were purchased from Big W during their current 40% off sale.

Covergirl Shade 30 Star Wars Lipstick


This is a lovely, deeper berry shade of red that I’d call a cranberry, and it contains microshimmer particles that make it perfect for wearing at Christmas.  It goes on smoothly and has good pigmentation.  It has a satiny finish and has average lasting power.  This is definitely a shade that I’d hope Covergirl will continue beyond the limited edition range, as it is very pretty.


Rimmel Red Lip Crayon


This is a wind-up lip crayon that has the best pigmentation of any lip crayon I’ve tried across supermarket/pharmacy brands.  It is easy to accurately apply and can be built up to intensify the colour, with a glossy finish.  It is very much a true red with the slightest of pink undertones.  Marketed as a long lasting colour, it does wear well and it stains your lips with wear, which is something I quite like (as it means it’s not so obvious if your colour wears off slightly through eating etc.).


Max Factor Classy Cherry Lip Balm 


This is almost a gloss/stain lip colour, as you can apply it sheer or layer it to build pigmentation.  It’s a lovely colour reminiscent of a cherry juice stain, with a glossy finish.  The slim, flat bullet makes for easy application and layering of colour.  The glossiness wears off with eating, etc, but leaves behind a light stain of colour.


Maybelline Ravishing Rouge Super Stay Lipstick


This is a semi-matte finish lipstick that goes on slightly dry but lasts well even through eating and drinking and doesn’t seem to flake.  It is a true red with no orange or pink undertones.  The shape of the bullet makes it easy to apply direct from the tube.


What are your lipstick favourites?



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4 Responses to Red Lips – a Comparative Review

  1. Polly says:

    I love Natio’s Ruby, though it does have a tendency to transfer. Lovely colour, and made with less-scary ingredients. Their other colours are lovely as well: I have four to cover the basics (bright red, rusty-red, bright pink, dusky pink).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kitty DeVine says:

    Jeffree Star’s Redrum and Unicorn Blood….you need it!!
    Actually, I am really keen to try the pink one Masochist because I need a basic pink that isn’t too pink….if you know what I mean! Xo


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