Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot: Part 2 – An Afternoon of Photography

Part one of this post can be found here.

Mid afternoon, those of us who have had our individual shots taken quickly change into our next outfit, and everyone heads just down the road to a beautiful historic railway station, where some of those girls who have not yet had their individual photos done pose according to the directions of Tegan, Vanessa and Tristan.

Photo courtesy of Eye Spy a Studio

Photo courtesy of Eye Spy a Studio

Alex’s shots include her striding along the platform and sitting on a pile of vintage suitcases, and she looks absolutely gorgeous doing it!

Photo courtesy of Eye Spy a Studio

Photo courtesy of Eye Spy a Studio

We also begin to have our first group shots done, such as a photo of all seven of us arranged on the platform stairs.

Photo courtesy of Eye Spy a Studio

Photo courtesy of Eye Spy a Studio

We also take a series of photos of Alex and I lounging on the stairs chatting and laughing.


Between shots, our mood and energy is kept up by Tegan’s amusing antics!


After all the photos have been taken, one of the girls has to leave, while the rest of us pile into a couple of cars and head to Rockhampton’s beautiful Botanical Gardens for the final daylight location.

First, the final girl has her individual photos done and they turn out really well as she is assisted to pose (and balance!) by Tristan.


We then head up the hill to the cactus garden, with Vanessa taking some more photos on the way.

We then split into two groups for small group shots taken in the cactus garden – which proves particularly difficult for those wearing stilettos, as the rocky garden isn’t easy to balance in.  With the light beginning to fade, we’re against the pump for time.  The fact that the Botanical Gardens are locked at 6:00pm doesn’t help, either.  Our final shot consists of all of us striking poses in the cactus garden – trying not to overbalance and land on the spines!

Photo courtesy of Eye Spy a Studio

Photo courtesy of Eye Spy a Studio

Another of the girls has to head home, leaving five of us to take part in the nighttime photos in the city centre.  We need to wait for dark, so we head back to the shop.  Tristan, Alex and I make a sneaky detour to Dan Murphy’s bottle-o to pick up some drinks to share.


At the shop, we all change into our final outfit for the day, then everyone chats and relaxes with a drink while Tegan and Tristan do touch ups on our hair and makeup.

I’m surprised and excited to find out that I happen to be the winner of a recent “Name the Atomic Beauty penguin” competition that Tegan ran on Facebook.  Tegan takes some snaps of me with the cute little ceramic penguin, which I named Plutonium.


Then, after packing all Alex’s and my clothes and accessories into Alex’s car, it’s time to head off again.

We stop in the middle of town, where there’s an avenue of trees covered in fairy lights.  Our shots, of the five of us striding down the street arm-in-arm, is difficult to get due to the fact that we need to keep dodging off the road every time a car appears!  But we make it work, and all of a sudden, twelve hours after first arriving at the shop, we’re finished.


We say goodbye to each other with a promise to organise a Christmas party get together, and Alex and I head off to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and a Margarita to top off a very long but exciting day.




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3 Responses to Behind the Scenes of a Photo Shoot: Part 2 – An Afternoon of Photography

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  2. Camilla says:

    Such wonderful photos, all you ladies looked like you had a great time for the photoshoots! 🙂


  3. Vera Gin says:

    Thank you – it was a very exhausting but very enjoyable day 🙂


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