Countdown to my Second Pinup Competition

A little while ago I brought you a post about the preparation I did the day before my first ever pinup competition.  This time, I thought I’d give you the rundown of how I’m preparing from a month before the competition, all the way down to the day itself.

Four Weeks To Go

A lovely lady I met at the last competition sends me the details of another comp, this one much closer to my hometown, thank goodness!  Entry is free, so I send off a picture of myself along with the simple entry form.  The lady organising it has set up a Facebook group especially for entrants as a place where we can chat and ask questions ahead of the day, which is a really nice idea.  I recognise some of the other entrants from my first pinup comp and this time I don’t feel like quite as much of a newbie!


Called “Tale Your Tops Off” because of the convertible cars involved, the comp is part of a one day festival that is raising money for breast cancer research, so the theme is “pink” and we’ve all been told to wear as much pink as possible.  Here is my first problem, because:

  • I only own two dresses that feature pink, and…
  • One of them is the dress I wore for the last pinup competition, but…
  • The other one is a bit too small in the waist and doesn’t zip up, and…
  • I can’t really afford to buy a new dress for the competition!

I definitely don’t want to wear the same dress as last time so soon after the last competition, so I resolve to spend the three and a half weeks losing enough off my waist to wear my very nice but too small Pinup Girl Clothing “Birdie” dress.  I’ve been unhappy with my weight lately anyway – my clothes haven’t been fitting well and I’ve  been feeling frumpy – so it’s good to have a goal to help me focus on while losing some weight.  I’m a bit nervous that I won’t lose enough in time to fit into my dress, but I have to try.

I chat with the other ladies on Facebook and feel really positive about taking part and helping raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

Three Weeks To Go

I’ve been looking online for accessories to wear for my outfit, and it’s got me a little worried that I’m committing to definitely fitting into that Pinup Girl Clothing Birdie dress, as the accessories I’m buying won’t match my other pink dress.  But I take the plunge and take advantage of a one week sale to order a necklace, peony hair flower and hair scarf, all in pink, from Your One Stop Pinup Shop.  I also buy a new pair of seamed pantyhose, as the ones I have have a run in them.  I’m undecided so far about how I’ll wear my hair, so I want a matching scarf and flower on hand, ready for when I decide.

th (39)

I still have to spend a bit more money to get everything I need to put this outfit together.  Rather than worry about trying to find comfortable pink shoes to buy, I decide to get pink shoe clips that I can wear on my comfortable nude heels that I already own.  I go straight to Etsy and put in a custom request with an Aussie seller, Gigi, that I know does great fascinators, and she agrees to make me some pink shoe clips to match my dress.  The cost is $15, which is fantastic.


The final thing I need to get is a pink petticoat.  I know that because the fabric of my dress is a little heavy, I’ll need a decent quality two layer petti to be able to give the dress enough shape and volume.  The online store that I’m planning to buy from has a great one in hot pink at a better price than anywhere else, so I make note of it and decide to buy it once I have money.  I don’t want to leave it too late in case it doesn’t ship in time to get here before the day of the competition.  The perils of online shopping against a deadline!


I’ve been doing a combination of a 16:8 eating window, and a 2 day a week mini fast in my effort to lose weight – and in particular, abdominal fat.  I’ve been measuring around my natural waist, around my belly button, and beneath my bust and so far I’ve managed to lose a few cms, which is a relief.  Knowing I’m on a deadline helps me make better food choices and I feel a bit better about my weight and shape already.

Two Weeks To Go

Two weeks before the competition, there’s a little local rockabilly festival being held for the first time, and I want to enter the Best Retro Outfit competition.  In the week leading up to it, I try to choose between two outfits and end up asking my best friend’s opinion.  I also spend some time this week trying out different hairstyles to try to decide how I’ll wear my hair for the pinup comp.  I’m still undecided between curled and loose with pinned flowers, or up in a ponytail tied with a scarf and with some sort of wave or roll at the front.


Also: my dress zips up!  I’d still like to lose a little more for a bit of wiggle room, but it’s such a relief knowing I can wear my dress for the competition, because I had no backup plan if it didn’t fit!

Unfortunately, my depression and anxiety are really causing havoc on me at the moment, which makes concentrating, planning and even just thinking difficult!  I’ve been sleeping upward of 15 hours a day just to try to cope.

One Week To Go

With eight days until the competition, I finally get the money together to be able to purchase a pink petticoat, though it is a cheaper, one layer petti that I end up buying.  I’m hopeful that it will arrive by Friday next week!  My new plan is to wear it over the top of another petticoat to get the pink look with sufficient volume to fill out the full skirt of my dress.

Mid week, I wash my hair for the final time, so it has time to settle and develop a little grip ahead of styling it for Saturday.  I also remove my old nail polish, ready to apply pink polish on Friday night.  I never tan, false or otherwise, so my skincare routine carries on as normal.  I do simple things like tidy up my eyebrows and use a face mask to try to make sure I look neat and clean on the day!


My petticoat arrives on Wednesday, which is good.  I lay out parts of my outfit, like my petticoat, necklace, brooch, hair flower and pantyhose, on the chair beside my bed to make sure all the elements work together.  It’s also exciting to see online that the winners’ sashes have arrived for the pinup competition.


I’ve been working on figuring out what poses and props I’m going to do and have for my few minutes on stage.  I end up deciding that, since the day is being held at a beachside oval, to go with a “day at the beach” feel.  I’ve got a pink beach ball to throw to the crowd, a pair of pink sunglasses to put on, and a pink bra to “accidentally” pull out of my straw beach bag.

The Night Before

On Friday, I write a list of everything I need to take with me, and tick things off as I put them into my beach bag and handbag.  This includes things like my pink lipstick and powder, my pink parasol, a small camera, a packet of tissues, a pair of pink ballet flats for walking around the oval, spare bobby pins and some facial blotting papers.  I also put aside my shoes for tomorrow, with my new pink and purple shoe clips now attached.


On Friday night, I use my bendy foam rollers and a curling spray to wet set curl my hair.  I’ve partitioned a section of hair at the front that I roll to the side, and the rest of my hair is rolled under.  I find bendy foam rollers give me consistently the best curl, though I’m hoping to get more confident with foam rollers in the near future.

It’s unfortunate that as of yesterday, there’s a chance I might not be going to this pageant at all:  my anxiety and depression are really giving me trouble and I may not be able to make it all the way to Hervey Bay.  I’m hopeful that I can, however, because I do want to be part of the day, despite the bad thoughts and feelings giving me trouble.

The Morning of the Competition

I wake up at about 6am, so I can be ready to leave by 7:45am.  The first thing I do is have a quick shower, being careful not to get any moisture under my shower cap else my curls are ruined.

I first put on my dress and petticoats, then begin to apply my makeup, which I find easier to do while my hair is still in curlers and thus out of the way.  I keep things quite simple, just like my daily look.  Foundation, a little blush, eyelashes curled.  Then a light application of eyeshadow, followed by black eyeliner with a smallish cat flick, and mascara on my upper lashes only.  Finally, brow defining gel, and my pink lipstick, and I’m finished.

Now it’s time to take my hair out of the curlers and decide, based on how it wants to behave (or not), whether I’m going to wear it loose or in a ponytail…and what I’m going to do with the front section.  Ponytail with a swoop and hair flower wins out.

Then it’s an hour and 45 minute drive with my mum, who’s helping me cope today, to reach the competition.  There ends up being thirteen entrants, and everyone seems to have a good day overall.  Some of the girls are locals, while others have travelled in like myself.


We each had the opportunity to do a few poses on stage while our short statement that we’d each written about why we were passionate about breast cancer research was read out.

Traveler Z 14

Cool cars and fundraising

We help to raise $4000 on the day for breast cancer research, which is great.  I have to leave at one point with mum to have a mental/emotional break, but make it through the day and am mostly glad that I managed to attend.



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5 Responses to Countdown to my Second Pinup Competition

  1. Camilla says:

    Wow you do really well on the day! 🙂 Love reading how you prepared, and that dress looked amazing on you! xo


  2. Polly says:

    Really interesting to see all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff about how you prepare for these events. I’m glad your petticoat turned up in time and you were well enough to attend.


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