Historic Style Crush: Samantha Stewart (Foyle’s War)

Part two of this series can be found here.

Hello all!

I’ve been thinking about the people and looks that inspire me, hair/make-up/style -wise, and I thought it would be nice to do some posts about my various historic style crushes.  Funnily enough, the person I’ve chosen to look at for this first crush post isn’t a real person at all, but she’s someone I feel like I know personally after having watched her adventures over many seasons of the brilliant wartime TV series Foyle’s War.th (1)

Let me introduce you to Samantha “Sam” Stewart.th (17)

Early on in the war, Sam ends up assigned as a driver for DCS Foyle in Hastings, England.  Over the years, she comes to develop some detective skills of her own, and faces the struggles of wartime rationing, dating, and the prospect of losing her ‘career’ when the war ends.th (9)

Sam is a style crush because we get to see her with various hairstyles suitable for a woman working in an official capacity, plus scenes where she’s dressed in her civvies.  The contrast of official and off duty style is interesting, and the hairstyles and clothes she wears are historically accurate for a real person living a real life at the time (not a silver screen movie goddess or some other vision of womanly perfection).th (11)

Sam’s on duty hairstyles usually include a roll at the back with pin curls, a wave, or small reverse rolls at the front, combined with a flat crown suitable for wearing her uniform cap.  You’ll note her official uniform, with trim waist and sensible leather shoes.th (12)

In one episode, she helps out on a farm for the day, and we see her using a scarf to protect her curled her at the back, while it is in loose, work-worn waves at the front.th (3)

When off duty, Sam wears her hair down, usually with some pinned curls at the front, or a small victory roll or two.

th (5)

Her dresses are home made, typically of the era, and she favours modest necklines and low heels along with bright lipstick when going out dancing or to the pictures.  th (16)

When at home, simple, rag-curled hairstyles and home knitted cardigans in earthy tones feature heavily.

th (2)

Foyle’s War is also a goldmine of inspiration from other characters, but for her day-to-day and sunny temperament, Sam is a stand out.th (15)

Who are your historic style crushes?



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