Pretty Things #5

This week, I’ve been just a little bit obsessed with a couple of things: vintage specs, and attractive alcohol (ok, so: attractive alcohol bottles).WIN_20150916_125612 WIN_20150916_125617

We’ll start our pretty list with my own specs that I currently wear.  I picked these out as soon as I saw them, back at the start of the year.  After years of wearing glasses, I’ve finally realised that this shape, with half rim frames, suits my face best.  They’re Vogue spectacles, and available from OPSM Australia.


While bumming around the internet, I discovered an awesome shop called Vintage Eyeglasses Online.  They stock genuine vintage frames for men and women, covering both spectacles and sunglasses.  One of my favourite frames from their stock is this gorgeous pair of cat’s eye spec frames in jewel-detailed black.  At US$119, they’re pretty reasonably priced for specs frames, and you’d have the benefit of knowing your glasses are an attractive accessory, not just something you have to plonk on your face!


I was looking around on Etsy when I discovered a seller of the cutest little earring sets you’ve ever seen in your life.  A particular favourite is this Baileys bottle and glass set, for AU$16.33.  Located in Rome, Italy, the shop Anryel has all sorts of cute earrings, such as watermelon slices and jars of nutella.  Definitely on my list of new places to shop.connie

Voodoo Vixen is one of my favourite repro companies because of their gorgeous designs and good quality, and a dress I’ve been lusting after for ages is the red Connie.  With an all-over print of vintage specs and an interesting crossover neckline, it is just such a nice dress, and I want it!  As a bonus, the A-line skirt and 97% cotton blend mean it would be comfortable to wear even during our very hot and humid summers.rum

The next thing on my pretty list is there both because it tastes nice and because it comes in a rather lovely vintage-style bottle.  The Bundaberg Rum Royal Liqueur range originally began in the 1950s, but the formula and bottle has changed many times since then.  Currently, the Liqueur range includes  Coffee & Chocolate and Banana & Toffee varieties, both sold in a gorgeous faceted cut-crystal style glass bottle.  Costing AU$49.99 for a 700mL bottle, they’re available exclusively from the Distillery and Bondstore in Bundaberg, Queensland.

Do you wear specs?  What sort of shape suits your face best?


My own little drinks collection


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