Item Review: Australis Velourlips

Hello, and welcome to the second in my series of Australian product reviews.  Today we’re looking at the Velourlips range.WIN_20150914_145802

What: Velourlips matte lip cream.

From Where?: Produced by Australis, these are usually available at your local Priceline.

How Much?: RRP is AU$10.49 each, for a 10ml tube.

Shades: Including a handful of newly released colours, Velourlips are now available in a whopping twenty shades, each named after a city.  The shades I’m reviewing today are LUN-DUN, NY-CEE and DOO-BAI.WIN_20150914_145829

Wear: Each tube’s top screws out to reveal a wand with a slant-tipped foam applicator that’s dainty enough to be precise with your lip line.  The Velourlips range all have a lolly-like scent that reminds me of Hubba Bubba chewing gum – luckily, it only smells strong when applying and fades a lot once dry.

The colours are heavily pigmented and very opaque – there is no need to build colour, and you will find that the colour in the tube is quite close to what you will get on your lips.WIN_20150914_151255

The first colour I put to the test was a baby pink called LUN-DUN.  It applies exactly the same colour as the tube and could be a bit pale for some, though I think it would look great in contrast on darker skinned girls.  The colour dries with the barest hint of tackiness and doesn’t have any immediate sensation of drying out the lips.  The photo above is LUN-DUN, immediately after application.

I then blew my nose, drank a cup of coffee, and ate a biscuit to see how the colour coped.  I did notice that after drinking from a hot cup, the colour felt a little tacky around the centre of my mouth, and left a small trace of colour on my white coffee mug.WIN_20150914_151849

As you can see, the colour has disappeared fairly evenly from the centre of my lips, but hasn’t shifted or bled anywhere else.  I’m pretty happy with this, as it’s easy to touch up and doesn’t look messy in the meantime.

Yes, I had the hand shakes when applying, so please ignore the slight unevenness!

Yes, I had the hand shakes when applying, so please ignore the slight unevenness!

The next colour to undergo the wear test was the reddest shade available, NY-CEE.  In the tube, it looks like a true red, so I was a bit disappointed to find that it came out a slightly orangey red (on my lips, anyway).  Above is NY-CEE, freshly applied.

I put it through the same “daily stuff” test of blowing my nose, eating a biscuit, drinking a cup of coffee and absentmindedly wiping my mouth with a tissue (it’s a good thing I had so much uni work today to power through on all this coffee).  The result is as follows:WIN_20150914_152757

I noticed that there was a slightly chalky feel to the corner of my lips after drinking my coffee, which suggests to me that the heat of the coffee and cup makes the lip cream change composition slightly.  It wasn’t something I’d find myself worrying about, just a mild observation.WIN_20150914_153202

The third and final colour I trialled today is a darker, berry plum or wine shade called DOO-BAI.  It matches well with gothic-esque dresses like my Folter anatomy dress and would also be a good shade for wintery lips, paired with gold eyeshadow.  Freshly applied, it looked as the photo above.

This is a colour that, like the NY-CEE red, I noticed leaving a bit of a trace on my coffee mug rim, but it wasn’t anything like what you’d get if you were wearing normal lipstick.  This was also good for avoiding dark smears on your teeth after eating!  When I gently pressed a tissue to my lips after finishing my coffee, I left behind a light trace of the colour.  This is how my lips looked post eating and drinking: WIN_20150914_153550

This was the most noticable wear of all three colours, but that may be because this is the most obvious and dark of the three.  It left a nice pinky stain where it wore off, and again: I think this is easy to touch up after eating or drinking and doesn’t leave you looking like a clown in the moments before touching up!

For the price, these are a good, solid product.  They are a true matte, dry very quickly, come in a wide range of “normal” colours (by which I mean, no greens or blues, etc) and although they aren’t made in Australia, they’re from an Australian company that doesn’t test on animals.


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