Getting Ready for a Pinup Pageant

Tomorrow, I am taking part in my first ever pinup pageant, and I thought I’d share the process with you.SONY DSC

I washed my hair yesterday afternoon in order to give it enough time to settle before I wet set in tonight.  After work today, I degreased the roots and gave it some grip by applying a dry shampoo.SONY DSC

I then started to lay out my spare outfit, plus all my accessories and “props”, on my bed.  In case I have a wardrobe issue tomorrow, or find that someone else is wearing the same dress as me, I am taking an alternative dress and its matching shoes, petticoat and gloves.  For this, I’ve chosen my Hearts & Roses garden dress, which I have previously reviewed.


Getting everything ready

The black gloves (and my black Red Ginger heels, out of shot) are to go with my first choice dress, the Evelyn Dress in vintage rose print.  With it, I’ll be wearing a black petticoat from Legs Avenue.  My little black velvet handbag is a genuine vintage item that I’ve had for years.  In it, along with my lipstick and powder for touch ups, I’ll be carrying my grandmother’s vintage Vogue mirror; my grandad’s old silver cigarette case, which contains my business cards for this blog; and a photo of my other grandad, which I’m taking as a spare prop for the runway.  I’m also taking a white silk parasol for the day to keep myself from getting sunburnt before and after the competition.  I’ve chosen a diamante hair clip to wear, along with my vintage Seiko black bracelet watch.SONY DSC

The fake nails are to apply after I finish putting on my make up in the morning: I’m shaky-handed at the best of times, so I don’t want to spend an hour trying to do my eyeliner while wearing fake nails!  My own nails are a bit flakey and broken from work, so simple and pretty short fakes seemed the best bet.  They were on sale at Chemist Warehouse and feature a black lace tip on a neutral pink base.

The two main things I have to do tonight are to research a bit about the town where the competition is taking place (I feel that it’s nice to know about your host town, and it might be useful), and to damp-set my hair in curls using my bendy foam rollers.  We’re leaving just after six tomorrow morning, so I need to set my hair early this evening to give it plenty of time to dry!

Head full of future curls

Head full of future curls

I hope this post has given those of you interested in taking part in such a competition a bit of an idea of what to expect 🙂

imageSo, I didn’t win, BUT I met some lovely ladies and had a lot of fun!  After getting up at 5am and leaving home at 6am to make the three hour drive, I’ve arrived back home twelve hours later, so forgive me if there’s any typos in this part of the post!

I let my hair out of my rollers and did my make up this morning and only had to give my lipstick and foundation a little touch up when I arrived.  At the appointed time, I gathered with the other girls at the QCWA hall, where we had a little space to sit and try to relax before the competition started.  It was really nice to get the chance to speak to the other ladies and see all the fantastic outfits they had put together.image

Once the competition started, we were each called up in turn to answer seven or eight questions, ranging from “How did you get into pinup?” to “What would be your message to the youth of today” and “Do you think feminism and pinup go together?”  It was hard not to be nervous about being put on the spot, but it was a good chance for each lady to show the brain and personality behind the dress.  After you answered the questions, you walked around the stage area as music played, smiling and posing for the judges and the public.  I took a handful of rose petals in my handbag and scattered them as I walked.



Once we’d all had our turn, we gathered back together on stage and walked around again as a group, stopping for photos here and there.  The eventual winner was an absolutely lovely girl and I think I can honestly say that all the competitors were happy for her.image

Afterward I stayed and chatted for a while before we had to get on the road for the long trip home!

Future shopping opportunities ahoy!

Future shopping opportunities ahoy!

I did pick up a lot of business cards from the stalls and shops, so expect reviews in the future when I’ve done some online shopping with those businesses!  I also bought a couple of things with my little budget for today, including two vintage scarves, a lovely pair of vintage day gloves, and a new Steady Clothing top which was marked down on sale – woohoo!  I’ll be reviewing the top in the next few days.


I hope you’ve found this informative!  Have a question about the process or the day?  Drop me a comment!


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A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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3 Responses to Getting Ready for a Pinup Pageant

  1. Camilla says:

    You did really well for your first pinup comp…loved your Pug dress too!


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