Subtle Pinup Tutorial Part 2: For the Less Shy Pinup

Part 1 of this tutorial looked at producing a subtle retro look, using simple makeup and a streamlined outfit built around a full skirt.

WIN_20150907_105319This Part 2 will look at how to modify that look to produce a more overtly retro look by adding a couple of elements and changing the way we pin our hair.  Our final look will still be very wearable and will make use of modern pieces to dial in an outfit that ladies new to the pinup lifestyle will feel comfortable in.

The first change we are making is to our eye makeup.  Using a Maybelline felt tip eyeliner, WIN_20150907_105419we will line the outer 4/5s of our top eyelid.  By keeping the eyeliner away from the inner corner, we open up the eye and soften the look.


You can leave it there if you’re still unsure about wearing dark eyeliner out and about, or you can add little cat’s eye flicks if you’re feeling brave.  I have used a business card pressed against my outer eye area to give me a guideline when drawing my flicks.

Next, we will swap out our earlier lip gloss for a matte red lipstick.  If you’re not used to wearing a bright red, why not try a matte pink or berry shade instead?WIN_20150907_105830

I’ve used Rimmel matte finish lipstick in shade 10, which is a nice, blue-based red.  Getting neat edges will come with practice, I promise!  There’s no reason why you can’t practice putting on bright lipstick and just wearing it around the house until you feel confident to wear it out on errands.


We want to make our hair a bit more retro now, though we won’t be going full “swoop and curls and rolls and flowers”!  Take out your flat rolls one at a time, and reroll them just like we did last time.

This time, however, we will not flatten the rolls.  We will pin them uprigWIN_20150907_110046ht using our bobby pins.  Note that there is some nice asymmetry, with one roll larger than the other.  This softens your look and stops you having to fuss over rolls that aren’t quite perfect.

You’ve probably noticed in these photos that I have added a simple 1950s vintage glass bead choker to my outfit.  This touch of genuine vintage gives my look some extra shine but is simple enough to not compete with the embellished neckline of my top.  Markets and vintage fairs are a great place to pick up a piece like this.  I got mine for $20 at a recent multicultural fair.large-RC-original-830_7
To add a bit more volume to our skirt, I’m wearing a slimline two-layer black petticoat from Legs Avenue underneath.  Unlike Hell Bunny petticoats, this one doesn’t add a lot of volume around the knees.  It simply helps your skirt hold a nicer, but still slimline, shape.  Legs Avenue petticoats are knee length and quite cheap to purchase.  They are a little scratchy, but nothing uncomfortable.


Compare our subtle and slightly more obvious pinup looks.  The difference between them comes down to a few simple swaps and additions.


I hope you can see how swapping in a brooch or
necklace, swapping out a bright lipstick, or changing the volume of your skirt or dress can make a big difference to how “pinup” your outfit is!


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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