Tuck Under Updo – Tutorial

Got hair that’s too wet, too dirty or too hot to do anything else with?  This simple updo is your five minute friend!WIN_20150905_121304

First, start by plaiting a section of hair at each temple.  We want the plaits to be long enough to meet and be tied together at the back of your head.WIN_20150905_161827

Use a hair tie to connect the two plaits at the back of your head.  You want this “crown” to be a bit loose, because you’re going to be tucking your hair between it and your scalp.WIN_20150905_161810

Starting at the front of your head, take a section of hair about an inch thick, bring it up around the outside of your plait, then tuck it down between your plait and your scalp, pushing it all the way through so that the “tail” hangs loose from underneath the plait.  Then do the same on the other side of your head.  To keep it even, we’re going to alternate, doing a section on the left, then a section on the right.  WIN_20150905_161752The photo above shows three sections have so far been tucked, each one moving further toward the back of the head.  The lines show the hair has been brought up over the plait, then tucked down between the plait and the scalp (dotted lines).  The hair is pushed all the way through, so that it hangs loose again.  It will then be taken up again with the next section of hair and re-tucked.WIN_20150905_161730

When we get to the very back of the head, all the hair along the sides will have ended up entirely wrapped around the plaits, and we will have a section at the back still hanging loose.  This time, when we tuck the hair around and under the plait, we will not push it all the way through.  We will just tuck it into the space between the plait and the scalp, like tucking it into a little pocket.WIN_20150905_161707

To get this last section to stay put, we can either use bobby pins to secure it, or use a plain or decorated comb.WIN_20150905_121320

I chose to use a $20 tropical flower comb from Louella DeVille’s Your One Stop Pinup Shop.WIN_20150905_121248

This hairstyle stays put and keeps your hair off your face and neck while still providing a 1940s look (think: women working in factories or on farms for the war effort).


For variety, you can do a variation of this hairstyle using a headscarf instead of a plait as the base for wrapping your hair around, as shown in the following photo.  It only takes me about 5 minutes to do this hairstyle from start to finish.  The larger the sections of hair you use, the faster, of course.  Using smaller sections will give a slightly neater finish.SONY DSC


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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