Item Review: Pinup Girl Clothing rhinestone jewellery set (or: the Peggy Carter Undercover Look)

For those who haven’t seen the Marvel TV series “Agent Carter” – it is well worth it.  Funny, smart and with lots of opportunities for Peggy Carter to kick arse while looking fabulous!carter1

I’m focusing today on a scene in the pilot episode, where Peggy sends herself undercover as a glam American blonde at a club.  When I first saw the episode, I was struck by the similarities between the necklace she wears and one I own from Pinup Girl Clothing.


A rhinestone necklace sitting in the hollow of the throat, Peggy’s jewellery suits the era and club atmosphere perfectly.

Off to do dangerous undercover stuff...

Off to do dangerous undercover stuff…

What: “Dazzling Diamante” 1940s rhinestone jewellery set.

From: Pinup Girl Clothing.  The set is currently unavailable on the website, but can be found at online sellers such as on ebay.SONY DSC

How Much: US$24 for the set.

Wear:  This little set comes with a necklace and matching earrings.  I was a little disappointed when it arrived because one of the large rhinestones had fallen out of the necklace in the packet, but I put it down to bad luck, as I’ve been happy with the quality of items purchased from PUG otherwise.



The necklace is adjustable in length, using a parrot clip to fasten to a short length of chain.  The earrings come with large metal and plastic back stoppers which is great to support the small weight of the earrings, but makes them a little difficult to wear if you have multiple ear piercings like me.  It’s easy enough to swap the backs for smaller ones from your collection, though, so this isn’t a negative.



This isn’t the sort of jewellery that really goes with daytime wear, but its ideal for adding a bit of neutral sparkle to an outfit for an evening out.  I’ve paired my necklace and earrings with the dark emerald green “Film Noir” dress, also from Pinup Girl Clothing, and my super-comfy nude Homy Ped heels.  Peggy Carter pairs hers with a smashing gold frock, proving that you can wear this set with pretty much any colour and cut of dress.


I don’t know why I have such a serious face on a Wednesday


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2 Responses to Item Review: Pinup Girl Clothing rhinestone jewellery set (or: the Peggy Carter Undercover Look)

  1. Ruby says:

    Well done….next time I expect to see you out and about wink wink


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