Item Review: Lanolips Banana Balm

A non-petroleum based lip balm that smells like banana lollies?  Uh, yes please!

Welcome to my review of Lanolips “Banana Balm”.  This is the first in a series of reviews of Australian beauty products.SONY DSC

What: Australian company Lanolips’ “Banana Balm 3-in-1”.

From Where?: I purchased mine from Priceline, though it is also for sale at Terry White Chemists, National Pharmacies, Maloufs Chemists, plus David Jones and Mecca Maxima.

How Much?: $15.95 for a 12.5g tube that seems to last forever!BAB2

Background Info:  Lanolips is manufactured right here in Australia.  The range is based on pure, medical-grade lanolin, which is a naturally occurring substance that forms in wool.  It is collected from the wool after the sheep is sheared, causing no harm to the sheep.  Lanolin has unique properties that make it an ideal moisturising agent for human skin and lips and unlike petroleum-based moisterising agents, it does not require the mining of crude oil!  The lanolips range includes skin, lip and multipurpose creams and balms.

Banana Balm: From the website:

EW Lanolips™ Banana Balm is a natural, 3-in-1 creamy lip balm, that combines Lanolips™ signature ultra-moisturising, Ultra-Pure Grade lanolin with natural banana extract & a hint of sheen to create a super creamy lip lustre with a long lasting lip protectant.

Bananas have been used in natural skincare for decades and are naturally rich in vitamins & minerals (Vitamin E, C, B an A). Enriched with potassium & natural oils and packed with antioxidants, Banana is an excellent emollient & helps to promote healthy skin.

Lanolips™ Banana Balm 3-in-1:
• 3-in-1 = Condition + Lustre + Protection.
• 50% Ultra Pure Grade lanolin + Banana + Vitamin E.
• 99% Natural + 1% Shimmer.
• No artificial colours or flavours.
• Gives the lips a healthy lustre & marshmallow-like feel.

Use: This balm has a whipped-cream feeling to it and applies easily with the slanted tip applicator.  Its scent is lovely – like light, unobtrusive banana lolly.  The balm goes on with the slightest of shimmers but seems otherwise colourless, making it ideal to apply over drying lipsticks or on its own.

You can see here how dry and cracked my lips are when bare – remnants of lipstick pigment have got stuck on flakes of dry skin.WIN_20150901_140313

You only need a little balm because it spreads easily and painlessly on cracked lips.


The results: A slight shimmer, and much happier lips!


I definitely recommend this lip balm – it feels good to apply, smells good, is environmentally friendly, safe to “eat”, moisturizes rather than just being a coating, and is Australian made!

I’ll also be reviewing a couple of other items in the range over the next week or so, including the Lemonaid Lip Aid treatment and the Lanolips 101 Fruities in Peach.

I will also be reviewing a number of other Australian beauty items, so if there’s something in particular you’d love to see reviewed, leave me a note in the comments!


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