VS Sassoon Curl Secret Troubleshooting

So you’ve got one of those things that sucks your hair in and goes “beep”…and you’re terrified that you’ll end up with giant bald patches or hair burnt to a crisp.th (3)

Welcome to my problem solving guide to the VS Sassoon Curl Secret.

I’ve previously reviewed the Curl Secret on this post, so if you’re new to it, that’s a good place to start.

Problem: The device just beepbeepbeeps at me everytime I close it on a section of hair.

The solution to this one is a very important part of using this device successfully: try not to be impatient.  You might want to use bigger sections to get finished faster, but the time you’ll waste resectioning your hair every time the device complains would be better spent doing it right the first time.  The hair sections should be only of pencil thickness…there’s no way to cheat time by trying to use thicker sections, because it will just beep and refuse to draw the hair up, leaving you frustrated!WIN_20150826_085643


Problem: My hair starts to get drawn in but then the device always stops and beeps that there’s a jam.

For the love of all that is hairy, comb each section of hair just before you put it through the device!  If you don’t, the device will keep jamming and you will keep getting annoyed.  And if your hair has a bad knot in it, the next problem may occur…


Problem: My curls don’t really last.

Apart from making sure you’re using products designed to help your hair hold a curl without weighing it down, the best thing to do is to “catch” each curl as you pull the device away, and pin it to your scalp using bobby pins or pin curl clips.  I bought a packet of 50 pin curl clips, which is usually just enough to do my whole head.WIN_20150826_085543


Problem: Oh God oh Go oh God my hair jammed and now I can’t get it out!

Firstly, try not to panic – you won’t be stuck forever!  If your hair gets stuck after the device beeps that there’s a jam, give the device a moment to see if it unwinds your hair a bit.  If it doesn’t, switch the sliding heat switch OFF so that the device starts cooling down.  Then try bouncing the device a little, because this often helps dislodge your hair.  Gently tug the device at different angles to see if your hair begins to slip free.  If it is still stuck, use a metal-tailed tail comb (never a plastic tailed comb!) to carefully feel inside the barrel and loosen the knot bit by bit.  It might feel a little frazzled when you finally get it out, but you’re very unlikely to actually damage your hair irreparably.  And again: make sure you comb each section of hair just before inserting it, and keep the sections thin, as these steps make bad jams much less likely.


Problem: I try to “catch” the curls to pin them to my head to cool, but they’re too hot!

Try leaning your head to the side so that you can pull the device away and leave the curl coiled in place on your head, ready to pin.  Apart from that, you have three options here: let the curl hang loose for a few seconds to cool, then cup it on your fingers and push it back up to your scalp to clip; wear a thermal glove on one hand so you can handle the hair straight out of the device without burning your fingers; or do what I do, which is to catch the curls with bare fingers while muttering “ouch hot hot hot hot” to yourself 😛WIN_20150826_085852


Problem: After I finish curling my hair, I always find random bits of hair that I missed.

Try to develop a pattern that you always follow.  You might do the entire left side of your head to your centre part, then the right side; or start at the front right and work around your head, one row at a time; or even start at the top of your head and go down your head in columns…whatever works best for you.



Problem: I used to get really nice curls, but lately they’re frazzled and uneven.

You might have a build up of styling product inside the barrel of the device.  It would have come with a small cleaning device that you can use to wipe down the inside of the barrel – try and use it at least every couple of times you curl your hair, otherwise the product build up will clog the barrel and affect the outcome of your curls.

Have you ever experienced another problem when curling your hair with the Curl Secret?



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