Product Review: Voodoo Vixen Mila Cardigan

What: The Mila cardigan by Voodoo VixenSONY DSC

Where From?: I bought mine secondhand on Facebook, but you can pick up Voodoo Vixen items from their UK website or from Australian online retailers such as Atomic Cherry and Trash Monkey.  The Mila retails for a penny under 44 Pounds, which currently converts to AU$97 – pricey for a cardigan, but you are paying for the design and fabric quality.  Hopefully the Aussie dollar will rise again and make items like this more affordable soon.

This is my "It's Monday" face...

This is my “It’s Monday” face…

Sizes: Voodoo Vixen offers products in sizes XS to 4XL, covering from a 32 inch bust and 25 inch waist, up to a 51 inch bust and 46.5 inch waist.  I am wearing a size XL in these photos, which is a 40 inch bust and 33 inch waist (but keep in mind that, being a knit, this cardigan has a fair bit of stretch).mila

Fabric: The Mila is a 70% viscose, 30% nylon blend.  It has a lovely, soft-brushed feel and is a fairly dense-weight fabric with a good feel of solid quality.

Wear: This is just SUCH a pretty cardigan, in an elegant kind of way.  Featuring a little flat ruffled collar and a front tie with small peekaboo front window, the Mila is the sort of cardi that you want to wear with everything.  As you can see from my photos, I wore it for two days straight and only left it off today because the weather is too hot.

The buttons are pearlescent creamy white and the stitching and construction is very good – you will not have to worry about buttons falling off, sleeves coming loose or stray threads with this cardigan.SONY DSC

Worn with the front tie done up, you can button up as well, or leave the buttons undone for a bolero-style look.  The decorative embroidery features a white bird and branch on either side of the chest, giving what a friend of mine described as a “gothic vintage” style.

This cardigan is suitable to wear even with dressy outfits, and I personally have paired it with everything from a skeleton print Folter dress for uni, to a look-at-me red damask swing dress and heels.


Is it worth the money?  Well, you could probably buy a dress and a cardigan from a cheaper brand for the same money at the moment, but that is partly the fault of the economy.  This cardigan does look and feel like good quality and it gets a lot of admiring comments when worn out and about.  I’m not sure I, on my budget, would pay full price for it at the moment, but if you can get hold of one secondhand like I did, don’t hesitate!


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  1. Kitty DeVine says:

    Oh that’s so cute!!


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