When Foam Rollers Fail

In the past, I’ve reviewed the use of bendy foam rollers in a wet set, the brush out the following morning, and the use of the VS Sassoon Curl Secret.

Tonday I want to show you the fail that occured with my first ever use of standard foam rollers, bought recently from Louella Deville’s Your One Stop Pinup Shop.

Just because I run a blog doesn’t mean everything always works out perfectly!WIN_20150822_221720

My preparation involved a couple of simple steps – I washed my hair, put in some curling mousse while it was still wet, and let it dry until it was only damp.  Then I chose a setting pattern from my Vintage Hairstyling book (I used the 50s mock bob setting pattern, for those who have this book at home.  Also, you can see in this picture my super stylish microfibre turban that I use after washing my hair to help speed up the initial drying process.  You can pick up a pack of two for $10 from places like Big W).WIN_20150822_231729

So I began rolling, with the first three rollers in the centre of my head being rolled toward my face, and all other rollers being rolled downward.  The middle ones are on a slight angle as per the setting pattern instructions.WIN_20150822_232303

I sprayed my hair lightly with a curl spray as I worked, to make sure the hair hadn’t dried out too much.WIN_20150822_232608

(Here’s how it looked at the back, with the sides still to be finished.)WIN_20150823_083801

It took about fifteen minutes to get all my hair in rollers, after which I tied a big silk scarf over the top and pulled this stupid face for you all 🙂WIN_20150823_090121

I left the rollers in overnight, totaling about eight hours.  This morning, I started taking the rollers out, starting with the ones at the bottom, and this is how it looked.  This is also where it started to go wrong!  You can see that some of the hair at the sides is hanging down to my collar bone: this is because a couple of rollers hadn’t fully dried, and if you have even the slightest bit of moisture in your hair, the curls will completely fail, which sucks – especially if you’re in a hurry and were expecting nice hair!  Strangely enough, I never have this problem with my bendy foam rollers, which seem to give me nicer shaped curls as well.

I had to do something with my hair for uni, so I first finger combed what curls I had, using no further product so as not to weigh down the hair.WIN_20150824_094741

This is how my hair looked once finger combed.  Not terrible, but not great.  So I decided that since I had decent curl in the back, I would make the most of it and do a high ponytail.  To give it some interest, I tied a nylon headscarf as a headband.


Rather than leaving the “ears” both sticking up, I tucked them under the rest of the scarf.  The little bit of hair hanging out in front is there because it is slightly too short to catch in a hair tie and besides, I prefer to have a little hair in front of the scarf to stop the style from looking too sleek.


Once dressed and with my makeup finished, this is how I greeted the world today.  Not with perfect curls like I’d hoped, but with proof that things go wrong for everybody at some point, and that you can usually salvage it somehow!  What do you think of my salvaged high ponytail look?



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A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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