Pretty Things #3


Fruits and florals ended up being the theme of today’s pretty things list.

It all started with these gorgeous fruity floral hair combs from Louella DeVille’s Your One Stop Pinup Shop.  They’re AU$18 for the pair, and I’m hoping to buy them this week as I can imagine how awesome they’ll look through spring and summer.

Next on the list of things-I-actually-plan-to-buy are some of these fantastic chiffon headscarves from Wild Kitty Clothing.  Retailing at just AU$5 and coming in a huge range of colours, they’re perfect for adding some colour and interest to a hairstyle while still keeping things simple.


And I’ve had my eye on both of these brooches for a while.  They’re laser cut timber and have been hand painted.  They have such a fun look to them, and I’m a sucker for anything with a fruit motif.  They’re also a great price for a handmade item, at AU$20 each, from Aussie seller Atomic Mingo, who is based in Perth.fruit

Where you have lots of flowers, you just might be lucky enough to get one of these little fellas.  This hummingbird necklace is by Australian company Erstwilder, whom I’ve spoken about twice before.  At AU$34 from Aussie online seller Catfight Collections, Hyacinth the Hummingbird is one of the most affordable Erstwilder necklaces, and I think the delicate design and pleasing colours make her very wearable.


Looking for a dress that matches all this spring-time flair?  The Wanderlust dress captures the colours and motifs of the warmer months, with a very flattering neckline and a modest skirt length.  Available at Catfight Collections for AU$80, it’s beyond my budget at the moment but is definitely on my short list of things to save up for.


The final thing on my pretty things list this week is something for my garden.  I’ve recently fallen in love with hibiscus blooms again, and I currently have one stunning but lonely pink hibiscus living as a potted plant at the bottom of my back stairs.  I’m planning on a trip to the local nursery in the next week or so to pick up a few more hibiscus, now that the local weather is already warming up.  The Tradewinds variety in particular has caught my eye, and as you can see here, Tradewinds hibiscus come in a fantastic range of colours, with large, perfect single blooms.


What is on your pretty list at the moment?


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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One Response to Pretty Things #3

  1. Samantha power says:

    This is my favourite post I always have a wish list of pretties and love to see other peoples 😊 I also have just gotten into gardening and those flowers are divine! 😍🌺


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