Product Review: The Poppi Multiway Strap Top

Hello and welcome to my review of the “Poppi” multiway strap top from Ms Katt’s Kustom House.

What: The “Poppi” top from Ms Katt’s Kustom House – a stretchy top with multiway straps, available in mint, red, navy blue, black, purple, hot pink, and black with white polka dots (as mentioned in my Lindy Bop Peggy skirt review.


The Poppi Top in navy blue

How Much?: AU$39 each, or two for $70.

Similar Products?: You may be interested in the similar style Vixen Vondetta tops from US online seller Doll Me Up Darling, which come in a variety of colours for US$27.24 (plus international shipping).  Be warned, however, that the Vixen Vondetta tops have padding in the bust, which is prone to fold over on itself, according to reviews.  The Poppi top does not have padding.SONY DSC


Sizes: The Poppi top comes in sizes small to 3XL.  Because of the very stretchy fabric, each of these sizes can comfortably accommodate a range of personal measurements.  I am wearing a size XL.

Wear: The Poppi top is stretchy.  Like; really stretchy.  It is seamed down each side, with rushing across the front that will appear more or less “ruched” depending on how tightly your top fits you.  For those of us who prefer a bit of camouflage over the tummy area, it’s a good idea to choose a size that allows a little bit of extra space.  If your waist measurement is 34 inches, for example, you might prefer to purchase the size XL rather than the L if you don’t want the fabric sitting firmly across your tummy.


Poppi top, Lindy Bop butterfly skirt and Erstwilder Flora Fox Face brooch.

The bust area has its own panel of ruching, with a partial crossover that gives a slight v-dip to the neckline.  I do find that this v-dip tends to shift around a bit and sometimes flattens out into a straight neckline, so if that would bother you, do what I did straight after taking these photos: while wearing the top, adjust the neckline so it looks how you want it, then use a matched colour thread to pop a few tacking stitches to hold the crossovers in place.  Also be a little wary if, like me, you have a bigger cup size: you may find that you need to be a bit careful to make sure the bust panel sits properly and doesn’t sit above your bust (as mine is slightly in the photo below – I blame an old and not very well fitting strapless bra).


Excuse the focus issues – I’m learning to use a new secondhand camera!

The top is a good length – long enough to wear out if you’re not really committed yet to the high-waist, tucked in shirt look, and long enough that it doesn’t ride up if you do tuck it in to your jeans or skirt.  In addition, the fabric is quite opaque despite its stretchiness, although keep in mind that if you buy a size that you are at the top of the measurements for, you may get some transparency where the fabric stretches over your bra, for instance.  For me, I have no concerns about the quality or opaqueness of the material and feel comfortable wearing it in my chosen size, for which I am at the top of the bust size range and in the middle of the waist range).  

For those of you looking at the Vixen Vondetta tops, be aware that some reviewers have found some colours to be uncomfortably transparent when worn.  Others have had no issues, however, so it is worth making up your own mind.

multiway straps

The best part of these tops, of course, is the multiway straps.  Because they are stretchy, you can simply pull them over your head to sit the way you want them for your particular outfit.  When worn straight at the front, the straps cross at the back.  I found that the straight straps actually had a slight halterneck look from the front, which was quite nice (see the bottom righthand corner of the photo above).


Alternatively, you can cross both straps in front, giving a striking and (I think) rather sexy look to your outfit.  The way I tend to find myself wearing this top most often is the other option: having one strap go straight at the front, and the other cross over your chest, to give a one-shouldered look on either the left or right side.  This also gives the effect of having the straps look the same across your back, which I think gives visual interest from the back.

Overall, I recommend the Poppi top as a great, comfortable and versatile top to add to your collection.  Because it is relatively cheap and comes in a range of colours, the Poppi top gives you a lot of options for putting together new outfits, with the added bonus of being able to create different looks by altering the straps.  It is a top that I will be getting a lot of wear out of, come summer!


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  1. Kitty DeVine says:

    Thank you for this review, I will be heading over to Miss Katt’s to check them out!!


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