Product Review: Hearts and Roses Garden Dress

Welcome to my review of the Hearts and Roses garden dress!

What: Floral and fruit printed white dress with heart-shaped front cutout, from Hearts

Traveler Z 14

Ignore the resting blah face – not long after this photo shoot, I had to go to hospital for a medication reaction!

and Roses London.

How Much?: I purchased my dress from Zulilly as part of a sale, but Australian online shop Tragic Beautiful carries lots of Hearts and Roses dresses, with most costing AU$64.95.


Fruity floral

Sizes Available?: I’m wearing a size 16, but the standard size range for this brand runs from size 8 to size 20, with plus size ranges running up to a size 26.  Tragic Beautiful usually stocks sizes 10 to 20 in most designs.

Wear: An unlined but good weight stretch cotton, this dress sits quite nicely when worn,

Traveler Z 14

Perfect match

with a full skirt that happily takes one (or more) petticoats – I’m wearing my brand new Bexterity Luxurious Single Layer teal petticoat from Louella Deville’s Your One Stop Pinup Shop (the petticoat will itself be the subject of a review soon).

I must say that the print of this dress impresses me more and more as I continue to look at it.  It’s not just a simple floral – there are also butterflies, and (best of all) runners of maturing berries as part of the print.  It is very spring/summer appropriate, and very very pretty.

Traveler Z 14

Hearts…and flowers

The heart cutout over the throat felt a little bit risque as far as cleavage goes, but as I am a DD cup, that is often unavoidable, and so this may not be an issue for girls with smaller busts.  I did think it was a nice way of showing a little flesh without being too obvious about it.

The dress closes with an invisible zip on the left hand side.  Be warned, it can be a bit difficult to do up by yourself.  I tend to jam the skirt of the dress between my knees so that when I pull on the zip, I have something to pull against.  If anyone has ideas for making invisible zips easier to pull, I’m all ears!Traveler Z 14

The dress comes to about a third of the way down my shins, which is a length I really like as it feels era-appropriate without being dowdy or cumbersome (I’m 5’2″ tall).

For those interested, my parasol is from Pinup Girl Clothing, my shoes are Homy Peds from the local chemist (and are so stylish and comfortable at the same time!) and my hair flower was a steal at $2.99 from Cosmetics Plus.

Overall, this is the first Hearts and Roses dress I’ve owned, and I think it will be the first of many.  I’m already eyeing off other designs and pondering layby terms!


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A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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3 Responses to Product Review: Hearts and Roses Garden Dress

  1. Kitty DeVine says:

    What a lovely print!!


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