Product Review: Pinup Girl Clothing Evelyn Dress

The Evelyn dress is the first thing I ever bought from the Pinup Girl Clothing website, as I

Traveler Z 14

PUG Evelyn dress in rose print

bought it two years ago for my cousin’s wedding.  While this print is discontinued, the style is still available in a range of colourways, including prints and block colours.

The pattern is vintage pink roses with black leaf outlines on a mottled pink, black and forest green background.  Unlike some Evelyns, this colourway uses the same material for the entire dress.

Traveler Z 14

Pretty in Pink

A clever feature of the matching short-sleeved bolero that comes with the dress is that it is dual sided and so can be worn “inside out” for a different look.  One side is the same rose print as the dress, while the other side is a thin yet plush black velveteen.  I personally prefer the contrast of wearing the bolero velveteen side out.

Compulsory cat included free of charge...

Compulsory cat included free of charge…

On me, this dress comes down to mid calf, which was the standard length of circle skirts and dresses worn during the day in the 1950s.  Keep in mind, I am only 159cm tall, but this would still be below knee length on women markedly taller than myself.  The skirt is a full circle and easily takes multiple petticoats underneath (I am wearing a single two-layered petticoat from Legs Avenue in these photos).  Take care not to wear a short petticoat with a skirt of this length, or you’ll get the odd-looking drop of the lower few inches of the skirt over the end of the petticoat.Traveler Z 14

The great thing about the ruched panel over the bust is that it is accommodating of a wide range of cup sizes.  I believe it would be flattering on a smaller chest, and it easily and comfortably accommodates my DD chest without bunching or compressing.

Traveler Z 14

Reading Pinup Skool magazine for ideas…

I was a little sad to find that the velvet bow under the bust has frayed with washing, but I’m planning to re-cut it and seal the ends with clear nail polish before I next wear it.Traveler Z 14

I find the cap sleeves comfortable and not constricting, which is impressive considering I have largish upper arms.  Incidentally, I’m wearing a size 2XL, which fits with a bit of room to spare.  According to the size chart, a 2XL fits a 46-48 inch bust and a 36 – 38 inch waist, with open hips.  Since I’m currently a 43 inch bust and a 36 inch waist, this explains the extra room in my dress, but it isn’t enough to make it look odd or hang strangely when worn.Traveler Z 14

The Evelyn retails on the Pinup Girl Clothing website for US$140 for all colourways except the two Mary Blair prints, which are US$160 each.  I personally would like to add the green satin colourway to my collection one day.


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5 Responses to Product Review: Pinup Girl Clothing Evelyn Dress

  1. Arielle says:

    Your dress is so gorgeous! ❤


  2. Kitty DeVine says:

    The emerald green would look so lovely on you, VG!!


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