Hair Accessory Storage

Finding a place to put all your pretties, where they’re easy to see and choose from, but not taking up all your dressing table space, is not as easy as it sounds.

After having tried keeping everything in drawers (too messy; can’t see what I have) or on a

Traveler Z 14

Tidy, visible but out of the way

cake platter on the duchess (too much to fit on one platter; things get too dusty) I came across a solution at Kmart, of all places.

This nifty multi-pocket hanger was only about $8, in the bathroom accessories section of the shop.  The deeper pockets are ideal for things like bun forms and large hair bows, while smaller items or delicate flowers can be clipped onto the smaller pockets.  Mine is hanging from a hook on the back of my bedroom door, so I can easily glance at it to choose a hair accessory, but it is out of the way and stays

Traveler Z 14

Smaller clips and pins slide onto the pockets


I have realised in recent months that I’m a visual rememberer – if I can’t see something, I forget about it.  So this works a treat for getting more use out of my range of accessories.

As you can see, my larger flowers are

Traveler Z 14


clipped onto pockets or slipped into the larger pockets so they stay undamaged.

I have kept my scarves in the draw that used to store all of these hair accessories, and while I’d still like to decide on a way to display them for my own use, at least they are now unlikely to snag on pins and clips.  Also, I have room to look through them as they are no longer jammed into a ball in one corner of the drawer!  I also have one lone flower piece still in the drawer because it is on a comb and tends to fall off the hanging display.

Traveler Z 14My bead and silk flower circlet (worn recently for my Vintage White OOTD post) needed a place of its own, so I ended up perching it on the picture hook that my birdcage mirror hangs from.  Don’t they look pretty, matched together?

Also on this wall, beside my bedroom doorway, I have

Traveler Z 14

Tongue and groove wall is a bonus

hung a velvet-covered tie hook hanger from a picture hook.  This has turned out to be an ideal place to hang really long necklaces, as well as my zipper assistant chain.  I was a bit concerned that the dye of the velvet would transfer to the necklaces, however, so I haven’t hung anything valuable there….just cheap necklaces and beads, and silver chains which shouldn’t be affected and can be easily cleaned if they are.

Traveler Z 14

What clever ways have you come up with for storing your accessories?


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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6 Responses to Hair Accessory Storage

  1. Kitty DeVine says:

    Oh those are some clever ideas!!


  2. Polly says:

    For dangly earrings: hang them over the edge of a bowl or ash-tray, facing inwards. You can store up to about 20 pairs this way and easily see what you’ve got, plus you can drop rings into the centre of the bowl. The only catch is they can get a bit dusty, especially if you’re using loose powder in the vicinity.


  3. Erica says:

    WAIT WAIT WAIT …zipper assistant chain?? *grabby hands* where can i find that? Oh lordy i need one SO bad since so many dresses have the side invisible zip D:


    • Vera Gin says:

      Yep, it’s very useful for long back zips as well. It only works with zippers where you can hook it through the zip pull, though. I got mine from Pinup Girl Clothing.


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