Vintage White OOTD

WIN_20150810_100208Today felt like a vintage accessories day, so after curling and combing out my hair and doing my makeup, I looked through my things to choose an outfit that fit my mood.  I knew I wanted to wear this beautiful glass bead vintage headpiece, so I built the outfit around it.  It is small enough to sit like a high circlet on the crown of my head, making me think it was likely a bridal piece for the bride herself or for a flowergirl.  It is made of glass beads and silk flowers on wire, with a spray of bead-throated flowers on one side.

It was easy to decide what necklace to wear with it – this 1950s glass bead choker
WIN_20150810_100154(temporarily lengthened by me, using a silver extender chain at the back) that I bought at the hugely popular Childers Multicultural Festival a few weeks ago.  The glass beads catch and refract the light into a shimmer of rainbow shades in the sun and because they are clear coloured, it goes with so many outfits.  I like to think it complements outfits rather than outshining them.

To match the light colours of the headpiece and necklace, I donned a pair of amazingly pristine white gloves that I think may have been part of a wedding or honeymoon going-away outfit.  The subtle little bows at the wrist are so sweet, adding a little decoration to an otherwise plain item.

Finally, having chosen all these items, I knew I wanted a very plain but bright coloured dress to use as a contrasting background to the accessories, as the accessories are the main point of this outfit.  The green dress I chose is a modern Big W v-neck, A-line, knee-length dress that works perfectly due to it’s simple but vintage-inspired design.  Out of shot are my go-to black patent leather Mary-Jane mid-height heels, which have a velvet bow on the outside of each WIN_20150810_100104ankle strap that is a nice little nod to the bows on my gloves (these shoes will be the subject of a review post, coming soon).  So in all for my outfit of the day, we have modern dress and heels, paired with vintage headpiece, gloves and necklace.

What vintage pieces do you/would you love to own that you would enjoy working into an everyday outfit?


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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3 Responses to Vintage White OOTD

  1. Kitty DeVine says:

    Love your accessorizing!!
    You have a lovely eye for making the modern vintage!!
    Show us more fab hats and gloves!!!


    • Vera Gin says:

      I have a little selection of vintage gloves and a rather eclectic selection of hats, so I’ll no doubt feature a few sooner rather than later 🙂


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