Product Review: VS Sassoon Curl Secret

Welcome to my review of the VS Sassoon Curl Secret curling device. WIN_20150805_084938

What: VS Sassoon Curl Secret.

How Much?: RRP is $149 Australian.

Where From?: Available at locations such as Priceline, Target, Big W, Good Guys.WIN_20150805_085105

What Does it Do?: Draws your hair into a centrally-heated velvet-covered barrel, where it creates a curl according to your settings.  Comes with a heat pad to protect the table where you place it down.

WIN_20150805_085131Use: The device is unable to curl sections that are knotty or too thick, so separate out a section that is less than finger width when gathered, and give it a quick comb through.  While you do this, have the device heating…the red light will stop flashing when it is ready to use, and once heated you don’t need to stop and let it reheat at any point, as it maintains the heat.

The device has “this side towards head” marked clearly on one side, and “warning, do not WIN_20150805_085219use this side towards head” on the other, which makes it pretty clear!  Insert your hair (at the spot you want the curl to start) into the side opening of the barrel, then squeeze the barrel closed.  You will have changed the settings to suit your hair – either heat level one or two, and curling time of 8, 10 or 12 seconds (the longer, the tighter).

The device emits several separate beeps to indicate passing time, then emits three quick WIN_20150805_085843beeps when it’s time to release the curl.  I usually try to catch the coil as I release the handle and pull the device away, and I always use pincurl clips (about 45 for my whole head) to pin each coil to my scalp.  I do this for two reasons: it keeps the curls out of the way as you curl the rest of your hair, and the longer a curl can cool while coiled up, the better the curl will hold throughout the day.

WIN_20150805_091544Once you have all your curls done and pinned (I just work around my head, doing a few curls on each side and then at the back, continuing until all the hair is done), go have breaky or do your makeup and let the curls cool so that the last one to be done has had at least ten minutes of cooling time.  During this time, you will look like a dork.  It’s ok. Dorks are cool these days 😛WIN_20150805_093526

When you have your face on/tummy fed/coffee fix, start taking out the pincurl clips, starting at the bottom of your hair.  It took me about 15 minutes to curl my hair, 10 minutes to cool, and 5 minutes to unclip and brush – which seems a lot, but you don’t WIN_20150805_093654have to recurl it every morning if you’re happy to let it relax into nice waves day by day, and you can always watch the morning news while curling and have breakfast while the curls cool.

You will now have very ringlet-y curls, so I WIN_20150805_093704first run my fingers through them to break them up a bit, leaving me with slightly less ringlet-y, but still very full, hair.

I then use a brush (mine is the Lady Jayne boar bristle brush, available in two sizes at most chemists) to brush the curls in a downward motion, sometimes brushing them against the back of my hand to help stretch the curls out.WIN_20150805_093914

Once you have your hair to the point where you like the look, you’re done!  I don’t like adding pomades or hairspray most of the time, because I like the movement and soft feel of the hair without it.  I do, however, often use a nice clip or flower/bow pin to clip back the hair at once side of my face, just for some visual interest.WIN_20150805_093950

What do you think?


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4 Responses to Product Review: VS Sassoon Curl Secret

  1. Kitty DeVine says:

    Teach me your ways, Obi Wan!!
    This is really easy to follow and I can’t wait to have a go!!


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