Lazy Rollers Brush Out

*Yawn*  So, I’m awake.  None of my rollers fell out or sprouted legs during the night, so after doing most of my makeup, it’s time to brush these babies out to the soundtrack of Gin Wigmore’s Black Sheep.

WIN_20150803_095453Yep, I look like Shirley Temple…but that’s to be expected.  The first thing I do is break the curls up a bit using my fingers.  I tend to put just a little bit of curl-holding creme on my fingers before I do this, just to help stop the curls from frizzing.

Today I want a fairly relaxed, wavy curl, so lots of brushing is in order.  Seriously: so…much…brushingWIN_20150803_095913

Once I get to the point where it’s a bit full in the front (where my hair is layered shorter) but the curls have been stretched out pretty well at the back, I stop brushing (finally!).  This is because the style I want to do today is easiest when the front has volume and I refuse to bother with backcombing if I don’t have to.

WIN_20150803_095924I take the front “fringe” that is hanging across my forehead and help shape it across my forehead nicely, then pin it back to the scalp so that it makes a nice loose swoop.

To balance this out, I want to make a bit of height at the other side of my face…the silhouette I want is sleek at the sides, with a little “peak” above the temple on each side.  Taking the curls on the other side, I simply pin them back without pulling the hair flat.WIN_20150803_100011

The look you get will depend, of course, on what your own hair’s texture is like.  I have fine hairs but a huge number of them…in my family, we call this “mad Irish hair” in honour of my grandma from whom my brother and I inherited it!

So with my lazy brushing and half-arsed pinning done…we have a fairly respectable and easy to wear hairstyle!WIN_20150803_100100

And if you count to ten while I go get dressed and put on my lipstick…

…keep counting….

….and yes, almost done….WIN_20150803_100842

…aha!  We have today’s look finished and ready to go!  I’m wearing the first Pinup Girl Clothing dress I ever bought…I love it to bits 🙂

Have a great day, everyone.  Comments or questions are very welcome 🙂


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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3 Responses to Lazy Rollers Brush Out

  1. Polly says:

    Awesome look!

    Putting curls INTO my hair is not the problem…


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