Wet Set for Lazy Rollers

WIN_20150802_214703Let’s face it, when you set your hair in rollers, it’s probably going to be late at night before you go to bed.  Your interest in your hair is only going to stretch as far as doing something to give it some shape for the next day.  Perfect sectioning and delicately perfect rolls?  Yeah, probably not so much.

So this is a lazy rollers’ look at wet setting.

First I washed my hair (post hike), adding a little bit of Garnier miracle brushing hair oil to my wet hair just before getting out of the shower.  This step is followed by a wonderfully lazy three to four hours of bumming around the house while my hair air dried. 

Ok, so when I say “bumming around the house’, the truth is that I did some reading, watched a few Peggy Carter hair and makeup tutorials, lurked on Facebook and had some chocolate ice-cream… 😛

Step two was to spray my now-only-slightly-damp hair a light spray with a curl-enhancing spray.  The only reason I chose this brand was because it was really cheap from a dollar store in town, and the idea of the spray is to help the hair hold the curl.  Because the rolling process is going to be pretty quick, I can spray the whole head now without worrying about it drying out.

And for step three, we start rolling!  I start at the front, simply because I like to start where
I can actually see!  I wrap the hair around the roller, using fingers and a tail comb to try

Rolling the front part backward

Rolling the front part backward

and tuck the hair ends in properly (I might try using perm papers for
the ends at some point).  I’m going to be rolling the hair at the front upward to give the end result more shape.  When you get to the point when you can’t roll anymore, bend WIN_20150802_214947the ends of the rollers inward to lock them in place.

The rest of the hair is rolled under, with no particular parting or pattern.  I simply get a bit of hair that feels about the right size for the roller, working from the top of the head down so that the loose hair doesn’t get in the way of rolling.

When I get to the bottom layers at the back, I tend to switch to the thinner rollers to get a tighter curl, since I know this part of my hair will tend to drop its curls the quickest.

Rolling the rest under.

Rolling the rest under.



And…done!  I give my head a little shake to make sure nothing feels loose, then tie a cheap nylon scarf over the whole lot to make sure nothing moves when I’m sleeping.


Tomorrow I’ll make a post showing the
roller removal process and my half-arsed brushing out efforts.

See, I told you it was lazy rolling 😉



About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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