Three Days of Hair Wear- How Curled Hair Looks When You’ve Been Sleeping On It

So, on Wednesday night, I used bendy foam rollers to curl my hair, with a brushed out result that was really bouncy and fairly tightly curled.  I put the rollers in when the hair was slightly damp, and sprayed the rolled hair with a “curl spray” before bed.

Please ignore the slightly odd facial expression...

Please ignore the slightly odd facial expression…

As you can see, the curls, even once broken up and brushed out the next morning, were still quite, uh, curly.  Did I brush it for long enough?  Probably not…I was getting ready to go meet my mum and brother and was running out of time.

But I realised this afternoon that while there is plenty of information on the net about how to curl your hair for pinup looks (and what it should look like when you do it properly), there’s very little available to tell you how your hair will look after a day or two of wearing it, brushing it, putting it in ponytails for work, leaning back on it while watching telly, and sleeping on it.


So here’s a first attempt to provide a bit of a remedy for that lack of information.  The picture on the right was taken about five minutes ago on Saturday evening.  Let me note here that I haven’t recurled or repinned the curls at any point during the last three days, nor have I added anything in terms of hairspray or pomades.  I didn’t sleep with a hairnet or scarf protecting it, and I haven’t put any thought into “preserving” the curls apart from having kept my hair dry (except for workday sweat).


As you can see, the curls have relaxed into a lovely soft wave that starts at around temple height.  I do have a habit of tucking my hair behind my ears when studying or typing, which may have resulted in the slight backward swoop at ear height.  Overall, the relaxed wave is quite nice and I certainly didn’t mind wearing my hair loose like this today.  As I’m going hiking tomorrow, I’ll wash my hair Sunday night and set it back into curls again (a process I may photograph for a future post, if I’m not too tired!)

By the way, if there’s interest in this sort of post, I’ll make some future posts about how other hair styles and treatments stand up to wear 🙂


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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