Hurray for Hiking

So today I’m heading off to do some light hiking with the youth group with whom I volunteer as a leader.  My participation has been hit and miss over the last few years due to health problems, but I’m really looking forward to today.  It’s especially nice to get some exercise done before the weather here in sub-tropical Queensland starts heating up for Spring!

Today’s outfit post is obviously not very pinup worthy, but it is hike worthy 🙂

Traveler Z 14

These boots are made for…hiking

My boots are surprisingly good quality/lightweight/comfortable hike boots from Aldi – they were only $35!  Good shoes (which doesn’t mean expensive shoes, but does mean shoes that fit your foot well and allow for some swelling as the day goes on) are essential for hiking.  And boots are good in Australia because it makes it less likely that a snake will bite through to your ankle.

Hiking in Queensland requires sunscreen and a broad brimmed hat to avoid becoming one of the statistics in the place with the highest skin cancer rate in the world.  I really like Neutrogena matte sunscreen because it WIN_20150802_063038actually does have a matte feel and finish.  It’s actually a little difficult to pull your fingers across your face as you rub it in – not because it’s sticky, which it isn’t, but because the matte texture is so apparent.  My Akubra-style hat is Australian-made rabbit fur felt and is already over ten years old and still going strong.

Long trousers and a top with a long sleeved shirt provide protection against sun, cold, wind and insects!  Lips are protected with the awesome banana-lolly scented Lanolips 3-in-1 banana balm (a great Aussie brand!).

WIN_20150802_063009What about hair?  To keep it out of my face and help prevent knots, I’ve plaited sections at each temple and tied them back into the rest of my hair in a ponytail that I then plaited altogether.  Pretty enough for a functional hairstyle, yes?

Tonight I’ll be putting together a post about curling my hair using bendy rollers – assuming I’m not too tired!  Have a great Sunday, everyone.


About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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2 Responses to Hurray for Hiking

  1. Polly says:

    Sometimes clothing is about style, sometimes it’s about not accidentally getting killed. Such is life 😉


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