Opinion: Concepts of Style and Fashion

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous

So said Coco Chanel, icon of style.  Note the difference here between style and fashion, though there’s no reason why you can’t be both fashionable and eternally stylish.  Perhaps fashion is best described as fleeting and popular – it is the top that’s in style for a month or two, or the way of wearing clothing layered in a particular way as made cool by a certain actress or model.

Style, on the other hand?  Well I’m sure you could get a hundred different answers from a hundred different people, but I like to think of it as the longer-lived baseline that hums beneath your day to day fashions.  It is the well cut jacket that doesn’t date after a season or two, the quality necklace that you can still wear thirty or forty years later, the general “look” that you make your own and are faithful to across brands, seasons and years.

Take the outfit in this photo, for instance.  Is it fashionable?  Perhaps, every now and then.  Does it contain elements of style – my own style: my look that I consistently wear and which friends and acquaintances associate with me?  Certainly, yes.  There are the jet bead bracelets that I never take off, the half rim glasses that I always stick with because they suit my face, the dress that’s a little bit weird and a little bit pretty…even the cat’s eye liner and natural blonde hair.


Fashion is something you put on.  Style is something you live.



About Vera Gin

A pinup/vintage/retro style fan from sunny Queensland, Australia.
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4 Responses to Opinion: Concepts of Style and Fashion

  1. Vera Gin says:

    Aw, thanks!


  2. Polly says:

    Fashion is fleeting, style endures – definitely, and not just in the sense that style keeps looking good. Stylish, well-made pieces LAST.

    I’ve realised this winter that my good wool coat finally needs replacing. It’s knee-length black with a slight flare and a faux-fur collar, and I’ve had it for fifteen years. I bought it for $100 back when I was a near-penniless university student (from memory, my mother gave me the money for it as a birthday present), and at the time it was the most expensive item of clothing I’d ever bought. Fifteen years on and I’d be hard-pressed even to recall another item of clothing I purchased back then (wait, I had a pair of really comfy, stylie boots I loved – damn, I miss those boots!), but just yesterday a little girl looked up at my coat and told me it was ‘beautiful’. Endurance in more ways than one.


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